Workflow as a blogger

Workflow as a blogger

Being a freelancer and working on your own terms sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, it is (On most days). Other days find you in your PJs till 3 P.M and working from your bed. And if we are being honest, we have had a lot of the those days too. But for the most part, we have been able to make a workflow that works really well for us as full time bloggers.

This is typically everything that we do in a day and how we manage everything and all the work that goes behind running this blog. Okay so as far as the work goes, we have divided the work in following categories:

  • Blog Work & Admin
  • Content Creation
  • Graphics & Scheduling
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Analytics & Reports


Okay this is probably the most boring part of running a blog but it is also absolutely essential. SO this is the part that we tackle first thing in the morning. Blog and admin work includes everything from checking and replying to emails, updating any plugins that require updating etc.

Another important part of the Admin work is the planning part. So the first think we like doing int he morning is listing down our top 3 priorities for the day, so that we know what is the thing that we need to get done first.

At this point we also check my to-do list for the day and make any changes if we need to. We also basically layout what the day is going to look like and what time limitations do we have. We also set aside time for any calls that we might have during the day.

Content Creation:


This is the most fun part and what I do after the boring admin stuff. Content creation for me means of course writing these blogposts and it’s not like I can simply start typing away on a whim. A lot of planning goes behind every post and that’s how we make sure that every post is as detailed and thorough as it could be. We take time to plan and do the research because we believe in providing maximum value to our readers. In fact here is everything that we do before we publish a blogpost.

Actually the whole process that goes behind planning and creating content is quite elaborate and we have it all laid out in our Content Schedule planner. And our Content Schedule planner comes in quite handy and keeps us consistent with our posts.

Curating Photos:

Curating photos is also a major part of the Content Creation phase. And although we are so over the excessively planned and curated Instagram feeds, we still like having stuff planned, so that it isn’t that much of work when we actually have to post.

We don’t necessarily take photos everyday, but we like shooting on the weekends which we usually post throughout the week.

We use our Own Adobe Lightroom Presets to edit all of our pictures and for captions, we keep a “bank” with loads of long and short format caption that we like to go along the pictures. Of course sometimes we just type whatever comes to our minds but whenever we feel like we have no clue what to write, we refer the “caption Bank”

Same goes for the Hashtags but that is a whole different game altogether. We will probably do another post explaining how we use Hashtags and what is our strategy to get more reach on Instagram even with the new algorithm.

Graphics and Scheduling:

This part is mainly for Pinterest Marketing. Graphics include the pins that we pin on Pinterest. And it’s no joke that they require time and effort. We make about 10 pins for each blogpost that goes up on the website and schedule them using a scheduler like Tailwind.

We don’t do this daily, just because tailwind makes it so easy to schedule your pins for the entire day in just an hour or so. Also, we often batch our content creation process and the graphics creation process. Which essentially means that we write blog posts in bulk and then spend maybe 2-3 days creating graphics for all the posts. We do this to be more consistent on the blog and make the process easier for us. We use our Content schedule planner for the same.

Social Media & Marketing:

We Know how we have already talked about curating pictures for Instagram beforehand, the what’s left?

Well, almost everything.

And this part is all about Social media and marketing on Social Media. Now everyone uses different platforms. The platforms that we mostly use are Pinterest, facebook & Instagram. So this phase is all about creating more content for the platforms. This is where we create Instagram stories for the day. We try and do at least 5 per day.

Another major part of this phase is Engaging with others on these platforms. Like replying to comments and leaving meaningful comments on other people’s posts.


Okay now onto the most exciting part of the entire workday: Analytics and reports. Yes while they may not be exciting to a lot of people, we are obsessed with numbers and analytics. We usually check the analytics on our Pinterest account every day to see how the pins are performing.

We also like checking the analytics on Instagram for each individual post so that we can see how the hashtags worked and that way we can keep improving the hashtags strategy to increase our reach.

There are a couple of other analytics too that we focus on, but it’s not something that we check on a daily basis like Google analytics and Blog Traffic analytics. That is more of a weekly thing for us.

And that’s everything that we do as bloggers throughout the day. What does your workflow or your day as a blogger look like? Let us know in the comments below 🙂


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