9 Reasons why you NEED a Creative Hobby

9 Reasons why you NEED a Creative Hobby

Do you remember the last time you had a hobby? 

And if you went like “Yeah right, who has the time?” Then hello my millennial friend. Glad you are reading this. 

I know we live in a world in such a time when time is money and all of us seem to always be in a hustle, always busy. Working towards achieving our goals and creating the life we want. We are so busy in fact, that none of us has the time for hobbies in todays date and age. 

And everything that once used to be a hobby has now turned into a side hustle. Having a hobby is something that we seem to have forgotten how to do but something that we really need more of. Remember days when you used to paint or draw without the thought of being an artist, or when you used to take guitar lessons you know ”just because”. 

One could say that those were old times and we were probably kids back then and had no real adult responsibilities in life. And while that’s true in a way, it’s still so important to take our time for a hobby that gets your creative juices flowing.

Not every thing has to be a side hustle. Not everything needs to be turned into a means of making money and not everything should be looked at, that way.

“But what do we get out of it then?”

Ah! the million dollar question every Millennial asks for pretty much everything. Okay so what if I told you it will make you happier?

Not convinced yet?

Okay, what if I told you it will make you more productive?

Oh I have your interest now? We love productivity right?

So let to explain all the reasons why having a hobby is good for you and then we will let you decide. Okay? Okay.


1.You will have more time:

Yes, it’s true. Read on.

When I was in my corporate job, I used to work 6 days a week for most weeks and the timings were all over the place. My routine pretty much involved getting up, going to work, coming back and discussing about work with my husband, dinner with some TV maybe and then Sleep. Only to do the exact same thing the next day.

And I often used to ask myself “Is this all there is to life?” I work, watch TV, eat and sleep? And it often led to a question “Is this the kind of life I am working for?” That’s when I knew I needed to make some changes. I often talked about this with my husband and we talked about how we used to have all the time in the world as kids and then it stuck me, maybe that’s it.

You know, how as kids, we used to do so many different things in our day?

We used to go to school, play, do homework, watch TV, read comics, fight with our siblings and so much more. And we were always fulfilled and content with life.

I know as grownup, we have more responsibilities and have less time, but instead of wasting our time doing nothing and constantly asking “So, what do you think we should do?” , “What’s the plan for the weekend?” or instead of all the Binge watching Netflix, I think It’s better if we save that time and use it to cultivate a hobby. Maybe take tennis lessons or take up painting or photography.

And if you have no idea what you want to do, it’s okay. You can still experiment. Try a few things and stick with the one you like doing. And if you are somewhat like me, maybe keep changing things up a bit. Keep moving you know?

Make use of the time you have at hand. Stop wasting your time in a mindless routine that you have fallen into.


This is a no brainer really. When you take up a new hobby, you push yourself out of your comfort zone and that’s where the growth happens, isn’t it?

2.Sense of Accomplishment:

Whenever we take up a new hobby, it comes with its own set of challenges that we need to overcome. We need to learn something new and when you finally do, it gives you a sense of achievement which boosts your confidence and makes you happy.

It is also particularly good if you are someone who does not handle criticism well. Having a new hobby means learning new things and quite often you will have to get criticism and will also fail at it, but because it is a hobby and there is no end goal really, you will keep going. That affects how you handle criticism and failures in your career and life in general. you know that you just need to keep going.

It also teaches you to be more patient will yourself and to not be too hard on yourself. For me, it also works because it tells me that perfectionism is not always on the table and that maybe I should stop setting unrealistic goals for myself.

It helps because so often I used to set these unachievable goals for myself, and realise after some time that I won’t be able to achieve those goals. And instead of still giving it my best and achieving the next best thing, I’d give up altogether. But having a creative hobby has taught me that I need to make contingency plans too and not everything will go how I want it to go.

3.Make new Friends & Network:

Once you reach a certain age, meeting new people and making new friends seems like quite a task in itself. Mainly because we are all such complex humans and we often struggle to find people who have similar interests as us. But taking up a new hobby and meeting people who are there for the same class makes it kind of easy to meet new people and connect with people from different backgrounds and eventually make new friends.

It is also great if you just want to network. because the more people you meet and network with, better it is for you. You know that one person who gets things done because he knows someone who knows someone? That could be you!

4.Good for Creative Process:

Unless you have a job that requires you to be creative and look for different solutions every day, chances are you are in a comfort zone. And the things about comfort zone is that the monotony and the mundane kills the creativity. You allow yourself to fall into a routine and you get so used to it, that you forget how to be creative.

Having a new creative hobby will re-ignite those creative cells and get the creative juices flowing. It will also be good for your career in a way because you will look for more creative solutions that your bosses are always demanding from you. It will allow you to look at your job differently and stand out too.


Having a creative hobby can positively impact your career as well.

5.Improves your Focus:

If you are spending your spare time watching mindless shows on Netflix, you know the old “Netflix and Chill”, you are telling your brain to be in a snooze state. You are training your brain to kind of shut off because you do not require to pay much attention while watching TV. And this affects you when you can’t seem to focus on the tasks at hand, be it at work or in general.

If you are someone who struggles with a short attention span, I highly recommend you take up a hobby that constantly engages your brain and not spend hours being a couch potato. Because when you take up a hobby that makes you engage your brain, you train your brain to be more attentive and focussed.

6.It affects how people see you:

Having a creative hobby makes you look more interesting to people on that outside. It tells them that you have a passion to learn new things. It is also a great conversation starter apart from the usual “what do you do for a living?”. And it works great because when you talk about your hobbies, you usually talk without inhibitions and you automatically come out as authentic and someone people find charismatic.

Also, you know the reason they ask you about your hobbies in your resume or interviews? It’s because it helps the interviewer understand how passionate you are in learning new things and what’s your perspective in regards to new things, which in a way tells them whether you will be a good fit or not.

7.Relieves Stress:

Having a creative hobby is said to be a great stress reliever and in today’s high paced stressful corporate jobs, we could all use something like that. Doing something where you have no deadlines, no end goal is amazing and the learning curve that gives you a sense of accomplishment is an added advantage. And it goes without saying that when you are stress free, you thrive in every aspect of your life. You are more likely to have more fulfilling relationships and be more satisfied with your job as well.

8.Makes changes easy:

As you grow up, things are bound to change. Maybe your friend circle changes, or maybe career changes. Having a creative hobby allows you to be more accepting of new things and makes you more adaptable. Because when you have creative hobbies and are constantly trying different things, it makes you more flexible. And it allows you to mould yourself as per the situation requires.

9. Makes Retirement Look Easy:

This may sound funny to you right now, but let me explain. If you had enough retirement funds to retire today, what would you do throughout the day? Binge watching shows and sleeping all day will only last a few months maybe! But if you have a creative hobby, retirement looks a little easy for you. Most people don’t know what to do in their free time and they often settle for watching TV, which is ultimately not good for you. But if you have a new creative hobby, you are constantly growing. You are constantly learning new things and are allowing your brain to grow with you.

We as humans are curious souls. Remember as kids we used to be curious about everything but then the learning system and the school and then jobs have been such that we have kind of forgotten how to be more curious. We stopped feeding our curiosity. And when we stop being curious, our brain stops growing. Sure we acquire more knowledge and wisdom with age, but think of curiosity and creativity as that secret sauce that your brain needs. You just don’t know it yet. And having a new creative hobby will give you just that.

And if you are convinced, let me know what creative hobby are you planning to try? I have been meaning to get back to painting ( I used to paint a lot as a kid), but I also want to learn an instrument, Guitar maybe? Time will tell. Let me know yours?

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