Where to find High Quality​ FREE photos for your blog

Where to find High Quality​ FREE photos for your blog

They say content is king and rightly so. But it’s also about so many other things on your blog that can totally change the way people or brands look at your blog. A number of things influence this. The way your structure your posts and even what fonts and color palette you use makes a lot of difference, just like the pictures on your blog posts do. Well taken and beautifully composed and edited pictures are the key to a professional looking blog. And while we highly recommend that you use your own pictures for your blogs, sometimes when we are pushing content and are trying to remain consistent with our posting schedule, every little task adds up and one blog post ends up taking hours.

Now, how many of you have procrastinated posting a blog, just because you did not have the pictures? You keep telling yourself that one of these days you are going to take a bulk of pictures but it never happens!

Well if it sounds familiar, read along, because we have got a list of platforms where you can find high-quality pictures for your blogs, and yes all of them are completely royalty free.

Also, one thing to take care of while using these images on your blog to avoid copyright violations is understanding different licences. The Creative commons public domain, meaning you are free to use, modify these pictures in any way that you want and there is no need for any attribution. However, some other platforms may require you to attribute them when you use a image, much like using music from a lot of artists on soundcloud in youtub videos.

Pexels: One of our favourite websites for high-quality pictures under the Creative Commons zero domain. The site is pretty easy to navigate and you can easily search for whatever pictures you are looking for without even having to register on the site. It is perfect for a lifestyle blog.


Unsplash: Another very popular platform among bloggers, unsplash is an excellent source of high-resolution images. All the images are released under the unsplash license and are copyright free.


Foodies Feed: If you are a food blogger who is just starting out or are looking for some pictures to go along with a recipe post, foodiesfeed is the perfect place for you. FoodiesFeed has an excellent collection of food images for you to use, no attribution required.

Picjumbo: Picjumbo has an excellent collection of photos in different categories ranging from abstract, nature to fashion. They have featured categories on their homepage but the collection is definitely not limited to these categories.


Styled Stock: Another great source for lifestyle bloggers, styled stock is great to find high-quality flat lays from fashion, beauty and offices. The photos are quite feminine and perfectly styled as their name goes and are perfect if you want to give your blog a facelift.

Pixabay: We cannot say enough good things about pixabay. Pixabay has such a great collection of images and one of the few websites that even has a good amount of travel-related photos, which makes it so great for travel bloggers who are just starting out.

FreeStock.org: Freestock is perfect if you are looking for realistic images in any categories. The pictures are not highly styled or edited and have this rawness to them if that’s the theme you are going for.

So, download high quality pictures from these platforms and do not let “not having good pictures stop you from writing those blog posts.

Let us know, which is your favourite platform to download royalty free images. Like this post? Pin for later! 🙂



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