What changed in the last 4 years?

What changed in the last 4 years?

Around this time, 4 years back, I was daydreaming of meeting Nitin and going crazy in my head; I was planning on what I will wear in a few days and also thinking about what it would be like to meet this person whom I have started to really REALLY like. He was coming from Pune after a few days and we had planned to meet up. We had been talking for quite some time and we were both super duper excited to meet each other for the first time since we started talking over Facebook.

As excited as I was, I was also terrified, because I was going to meet this Perfect guy, who was just the right person for me ( or so I thought). There were easily a zillion things going through my head and I remember standing there, waiting for him, being super nervous and in my head practicing my first words. All this, until he was right there in front of my eyes and I blabbered This.

But it all became okay when he gave me a tight hug and the rest of it, you guys already know. We have been married for about 14 months now and it is crazy that I get to spend my life with this Beautiful Human.

But it isn’t all about these cute stories. There are times when we annoy the hell out of each other. well! it is mostly Nitin who annoys me because he has this guide on how to annoy your wife.  And it’s not like I find him annoying now that we are married. Even when we just started going out,  there were some things that I found really annoying, although I was not very vocal about it then. But the one thing that really really annoys me and has always annoyed me is that he never takes me seriously( he finds it funny) when I am mad at him, which makes me super Mad at him and he finds that even funnier. It has now come to a point that I have practised a super serious face that I ALWAYS make when I want him to take me seriously.

Similar thing goes for him, when I wake him up in the morning, he gets really annoyed and trust me, there have been times when he has asked me to just go away and let him sleep.And now, after 4 years, he still gets irritated when I wake him up with hugs and kisses but he has learned to put a smile on his face and tell me he loves me, right before I head out for work. Although I can tell that he doesn’t quite like to be woken up.

But what has changed over these years is that we have gotten used to these annoying things about each other and I think in a very strange way, we will both miss these things if they, all of a sudden stopped happening. And that’s where the beauty of relations is, at least I like to think so. You never choose a partner who is just the right fit and who never does things to annoy you, because those people don’t exist. But over years you start loving these stupid things and these are the things that you usually tell your grand children, one day. And I think that this is where the romanticism lies.

What are some things in your partner that you find annoying?




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