Weekly Character: The Husband

Weekly Character: The Husband

Some of you might have read Nitin’s last post about Life threatening deadlines where he mocked me for giving him deadlines to get things done. He wasn’t even kidding because in our house nothing gets done without deadlines, LITERALLY nothing! Now, some of you (Of course people who don’t know me that well) might think what kind of a wife is she?

This thought got me thinking that anyone who reads this blog, they don’t really know us that well and that’s why I decided to do this weekly character thing where I will explain all about one member from our Family. Now, the thing is that whenever I start doing such random weird things, Guess who is the Lab Rat? of course, THE HUSBAND.  It is not new for Nitin to be the first person with whom I try these things and it serves both of us well because it makes me happy when he agrees( I have stopped even asking him now!) and Hello? Happy Wife, Happy Life! 😀

So let’s start with Nitin. This Guy:20030994_1626412964036485_1979743267_nHe is one of those people that lighten up your mood instantly. I told him once that he has such a warm smile that it makes my heart happy. I was of course in love with him when I told him this so I might be a little biased, but a lot of his friends have similar opinions about him, mainly because it’s true.

People who know Nitin know that he is a very optimistic person and has a very positive outlook towards life which sometimes irritates me when I want to plan for somethings and he ignores me and says “Everything will fall into place” to which I’ll say But what if it doesn’t?” and he will reply “It has to”. But it is only because he has this outlook towards life that I remain calm even when things going haywire.18191253_10155092490076166_1410770894_n

He HATES studying. I am not kidding, really. He used to be very dramatic (that he still is) as a kid (that he still is) and used to act like he is hungry, so that he doesn’t have to study for the time that he is eating. And the funny thing is that I love reading books and novels and for Nitin’s birthday I wanted to give him something meaningful. So, I gifted him one of the very first novels that I ever bought with a handwritten note. And as much as he used to hate reading, he finished that book really quickly, because that’s how he shows love; which is another great thing about him. He loves with all his heart. I once read somewhere that the key to be happy in relationships is “to not be afraid to be the one who loves the most” and it reminded me of Nitin because these days when everyone is scared in loving and in expressing the love, he told me that he is falling for me, without feeling insecure for even a second that I might not feel the same about him.

For those of you thinking that I am writing all the sweet stuff, I have already written a post on all the things that Nitin does to annoy me. Give it a read. But as much as he annoys me, we never actually fight like a married couple. Actually, we never really fought when we were dating also, mostly because Nitin is a person who doesn’t get insecure very easily and we have always had good communication. He doesn’t judge and that’s what made it easier for me to share everything with him.

Too much for praising this guy, let me give you some other details. 😀


He is someone who can’t wake up early in the morning. And when I say that I mean that if you wake him up early in the morning, even with the sweetest good morning, he will be grumpy for a good  five minutes . Also, he likes lazing around, something that I actually hate. Don’t get me wrong, I like cuddling and watching TV or just talking, while Nitin likes to actually lay on the bed (at all times of the day).

Nitin also likes the idea of being fit and working out”, he even ordered all the weights and bench press and what not. But I’ll tell you how much he has actually used those weights and all the fancy equipment that we have in one of the rooms of our house, uumm I am sure it is not more than 10 days. (I am sure he is making a funny face while reading this and he will make sure to poke me when I go home to him, this weekend)

As much as he likes to poke and tease me, he is someone who forgives very easily. I mean, I am not someone who makes a lot of mistakes (given I am the wife), but still even if I do, he will forget about it and forgive me before I even say sorry. Yes, guys like this exist and I consider myself lucky! Oh but he doesn’t know how to make it up to me if I am mad at him. It might sound silly but once I was really mad at Nitin and I specifically told him to make it up to me, and he literally had NO CLUE as to what is expected of him. I am not a very high maintenance kind of a person and I found it really funny and cute when he asked me how should he make it up to me? I often tell Nitin that he is lucky that he got me as his wife as no one else would have ever found this cute!

As many of you might be thinking by now, where does this end? I don’t really know how to end this, I can go on and on about Hubby dearest, but I have to end it somewhere no; So, I thought I will leave you with some funny and weird facts about the Husbandman:

  • He is a total Movie Buff: He loves watching movies and I am not kidding when I tell you that he had 1TB movies, all catalogued according to the genres and he remembers characters and dialogues from the movies that he watched when he was a kid. Oh and his favorite song was “Dream girl” that he used to sing when the weather was romantic. I don’t know how many movies I watched when we started dating (must be hundreds) because Nitin’s idea of a good weekend was that you watch movies.
  • He loves Travelling & Exploring new places: Nitin is always up for anything adventurous but he doesn’t like to plan things ahead. The whole idea of planning and researching before travelling to a place does not excite him. He also loves driving, which is perfect because I love going on those long drives with him! 20067478_1626534887357626_1877249749_n
  • He loves Gol Gappe & Chaat: Nitn usually prefers eating at home but when it comes to chaat, he can never say no. His favorite thing to eat is Chaat. It doesn’t matter whether he is already full or not, there is always scope for chaat. He’d have married Chaat, if it were a person!
  • He can’t fight/Argue in Relationships: I know some people fight a lot and I know it is okay sometimes, but we don’t really fight like a married couple because Nitin doesn’t know how to. I swear I am not kidding. He makes this round red face sometimes when he is upset, but that’s it.
  • He checks out his social Media while Pooping: Yes! True story. Read more about it here.


I will leave you all with this story from when he was in college: He was so obsessed with his looks (I know he is handsome and all) but he used to click so many pictures of himself in those times when selfies were not really a thing. I found this folder on his hard disk called ‘moochein’ meaning moustache which had hundreds of pictures of him from all the possible angles in different beard and moustache styles and different expressions as well. I guess this is how he perfected that smile that he has now! *sigh*

Till next time!


P.S: We will talk about my brother next week and oh just thinking about him, makes me want to slap him 😀 He is the cutest!





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