Weekly Character: My Mother

Weekly Character: My Mother

Writing about your mother is always a tough task. Mainly because mothers are the sweetest humans on this planet who care about their kids and would do anything for them but also because if you write something else, your mother would critique you and believe me, it never gets old! Just like every mother thinks that their kid is the most beautiful kid, every person (when they grow up) realize that their mother is the best possible mother there is. So! What’s the point in writing all these things like she is caring, loves me immensely (A little more than she loves my brother) and is the most selfless person I have met in my entire life time. But I guess, we sometimes take this thing for granted and forget about all the things that they do for us. Now I haven’t forgotten what she has done for me and still continues to do every day. So, Maa, if you are reading this (I know you will), I love you! 😀

Let’s get into some funny details about you:

  • My mother loves cleanliness: And no not like any normal person does. She is a Cleanliness FREAK. She is so obsessed with cleaning the entire house that she makes me and my brother up in the morning and says “If you want to sleep more, you can; but only after you make the bed once”. This happens every single morning, I swear. EVEN ON SUNDAYS. When we were kids she used to make us clean our rooms every weekend, and it was a ritual in our house and we used to do it quite happily because she had trained us well. When we grew up we realized how she actually gets these things done.
  • She loves Bathing: Yeah it is weird to say, I know. But, in summers, she bathes likes 4-5 times a day (Think about the water that can be saved!) That’s crazy! My dad usually likes to be lazy on Sunday mornings and he likes bathing super late and it annoys the hell out of my mother and this becomes their favorite argue topic every Sunday.


  • She is REALLY Funny: My mother has an amazing sense of humor and her timing is just perfect. Whenever all of us are together, she is usually the one who is making every one laugh and she takes things on a lighter note, which is quite impressive.
  • She has a VOICE of her own: even though she was born and brought up in a village and comes from a regular Indian “conservative” background, she has always had a strong Voice of her own and is usually very opinionated and is never afraid of putting forth her opinion about things. This is one of the things about her that I admire the most. She has used that background as a foundation and has grown in to a strong woman from it.
  • When my brother & I started using Whatsapp, she too wanted to learn how to use Whatsapp. She is not one of those mothers who will just go on and say I can’t use this. Instead, she will come up to us and ask us to teach us how to use a new app. And I think it is amazing. These days her obsession is with Snapchat and I am to take a training session, the next time I am home.


  • She loves Beaches: The first time we (I, my brother & our parents) took a family vacation to Goa, she was the most excited of us all. And that wasn’t because it was her first time on a beach, she is like this every single time we go to any beach. She is usually the adult screaming with excitement like a little kid and is quite easy to spot! 😀
  • She loves getting her pictures clicked: I know she will taunt me for this, but it’s true. She is quite photogenic and absolutely loves getting pictures clicked. The good thing is that my father loves taking her pictures. They are that couple that takes a zillion photos everywhere they go and usually My mom is posing in the pictures and my Dad is giving directions like “Shift a little to your right”, “Put your hair in front”, “ Don’t tilt your head that much” 😀 getting pictures clicked is one of the main reasons why she likes travelling to new places! 😛
  • At her Age (I can’t tell you the number) she is more fashion forward than I am. What a shame for me! But she keeps trying different styles in suits and keeps experimenting and whenever I go home, she will show me something new that she has recently bought or a new design on a suit. And she keeps telling me also, you should dress up more. 😀
  • She loves Teaching: For those of you who don’t know her, she is a geography teacher and she loves both the subject as well as her students. She keeps telling me what is going on in her class and which student is getting married and I think to myself “I have never had a teacher who was this involved with the students”. No wonder her students admire her!
  • She loves cuddling me and my brother but the poor woman is so ticklish that she can’t handle if we want to cuddle. Because I am my brother will intentionally tickle her. 😀

I am going to leave you all with this one story, like always:

My mother loves walking. I mean she is obsessed with walking. It started off as a way to lose weight (that she didn’t actually need to, but she thought she should lose a few kgs). So she started going for walks in the evenings and I think it is amazing that she does, everyone should do some physical activity daily. But this became an obsession very soon and she actually gets sad on days she can’t go for a walk because it is pouring outside. I find that really cute! 😀

Till next time!

Much love






  1. Virender
    September 28, 2017 / 8:07 am

    I can’t Believe how you write so beautifully your touches screen the things in their original form .really lovable
    So nice for you remember things nicely God bless you beta I am so grateful to God for all fruits of gifts

    • September 28, 2017 / 8:08 am

      Hehehe of course I remember everything! It means the world to me! ❤️

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