We did something Crazy

We did something Crazy

So, It’s Friday night and we are sitting in our living room, probably watching Suits and I randomly ask Nitin “What are we doing this weekend?”

And by now he knows that whenever I ask this question it means I want to go to some place new and just explore. At times I have seen that look on his face “Okay I better come up with some plans”, when I ask him this! ( I take pride in this actually. How a simple question can send your husband’s mind through a brainstorming session) Okay let me come to the point. I asked him and he immediately responded “Let’s go somewhere” and looking at the stupid grin on my face, he knows that this was exactly the answer I was looking for and most probably I already have a place or two on my mind. Because we live in Noida and we only had the weekend, we decided on Rishikesh because it is JUST 6 hours drive from our place. However this is not the crazy part.

So we started early in the morning (around 6 A.M.) from Noida and it took us about  6 hours to reach Rishikesh. We didn’t make any long halts on our way there because we had home made sandwiches.


Enroute Rishikesh

The drive was mostly good except for one stretch along the Ganges(which is not safe to travel by in the night time, although it is a little faster than the highway) that led us to Roorkee. When we finally reached Rishikesh around noon, the sun was right on top of our heads and it was scorching hot in Rishikesh (in the month of April btw). To add to this, we were both really hungry and were looking for parking facilities near the Ganges. Finally we found a parking lot that had a few parking slots open. We parked our car there and directly went to this really famous restaurant there : CHOTI WALA. This used to be a small restaurant but is now quite a big name here and it is rightfully so because everything we had here tasted absolutely delicious. It overlooks the Ganges and the view is stunning.


The Ganges 

We took a table by the window, looked at the mighty Ganga and  in that moment, it all made complete sense; the heat, the long travel and you could understand why people come here from all over the world, to find peace and how they often find themselves in the process. From the restaurant we went to the ghats and silently observed everything that was happening there. A cow roaming on the ghats, some dogs chasing one another, aunties selling food to feed the fishes, your everyday palmist and a few little shops selling flowers and Pooja Essentials. Ganga and the Place in general has a unique charm of its own and we wanted to spend more time there but the sun and the heat made it really difficult to.

As we were trying to explore all the options we had, looking at people enjoying the so called “white water rafting” in relatively calm parts of the Ganges. Nitin and I laughed at quite a few people and were in the process of discussing whether we want to go for rafting or not. From there we decided that we’d go further along the Ganges and see where there are good waves for Rafting and if there is any rafting operator/organizer around that area.


Some people were “Rafting” in this calm Stretch of the Ganga

As we were driving along the Ganges, looking for rafting spots, we realised that even if we do go rafting, it is so hot outside that we will end up getting sun burns(at least I would). SO we immediately dropped the idea and I started complaining how we shouldn’t have come to Rishikesh in this heat and Nitin agreed. Then we decided that we don’t want to stay in Rishikesh for the night as there was nothing to do there in that kind of weather. And so the CRAZY began! We started our journey back to Noida around 4:30 P.M. from Rishikesh. We were both really sleepy as we hadn’t slept on friday night also but then we had already decided that we are going back home.
THANK GOD for HUSBANDS because I slept for quite a few hours on our way back while Nitin was Driving! And he made sure that we take the most scenic route back home so that whenever I wake up from my naps, I’d see something pretty(although his face is always enough for me! Cheesy, I know! )

So this is what our Crazy Saturday looked like. The whole point of the story(if I may) is that some times things don’t go according to our plans, While travelling or generally in life and it is up to you how you take these things. You can either be sad about it that things didn’t workout well or use them to make memories that will last you a lifetime. It was by far the most random plan that we made and it did not work out so well but we still cherish all the little details in and around the trip and these are the things that make these “failed trips” memorable ones!

Till next time!




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