Unthankful Husband

Unthankful Husband

A few days back, I went to the office and it was a busy day at work and as usual I was a little irritated because of a lot of things. So I was just texting Nitin and venting out. I must have been around 12:30 P.M. or so because that is when your highness wakes up, Usually! Lucky People I know!

So what happened was, I was texting him and he told me that he is pooping. Yeah! He has this weird and annoying habit of texting and catching up on social media while pooping. read all about it here! And he told me that his battery is running out and there is no charger at home!

I had accidentally taken both the phone chargers to office with me. Nothing new here! So Nitin asked me that it’s okay and although his phone will go off in some time, He’ll be in office only (his office is super close to our house) and he can charge the phone later in the evening. But that meant I had to be in office, having no one to complain to and no where to vent out, which is never good!

So, to save myself from going completely insane, I told Nitin that I’ll bring him the charger when I take a break for lunch. It will hardly take me 40 minutes in coming to home and then back to the office(God bless the empty afternoon roads) And guess what? I actually did! No, It is not about the phone charger or my need to vent out. I will tell you what it is about. But you should know this first: I absolutely hate driving. And no, not driving in general but Driving to office!

But that day, When I drove back home in my lunch time just to give Nitin the phone charger, there was something that followed that! I asked Nitin to drive me back home to office because I really didn’t want to and you know what he said?

“Can’t you go by yourself? I really don’t want to get out of the bed.”

I asked him again but yeah I had to drive by myself! So the point is that My Husband is Unthankful. I came all the way from office to give him the phone charger and he couldn’t drive and drop me back to the office because he was too lazy to get up! Yeah! Maybe I had some motive behind driving and giving him the charger  but he couldn’t drive just to drop me to office!

So unthankful! Don’t you think? Or maybe it’s just that he married a total nutjob!

I guess we’ll never know!

P.S: Tell me, do you have unthankful husbands as well?



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