Top things to do in Pune during Monsoons

Top things to do in Pune during Monsoons

Who doesn’t love monsoons? Okay don’t answer that. There maybe a lot of people who don’t. In case you want to understand what is there to love about the monsoons in Maharashtra, here is our blog titled “A love affair with Pune Monsoons” And this is for all of you who do love the monsoons. Here is our list of top things to do in and around Pune during the monsoon season:

Kadak chai at Yevele Amritulya: Chai and monsoons go hand in hand. In fact, you have only experienced half the magic of monsoons, as long as you have not had a cup of steaming hot kadak chai at one of the various shops in Pune. We love doing this on busy days when you have to go to the office but also want to enjoy the monsoons. Chai is like that break from everything else. And accompanied by Vadapav, it makes the perfect combo.

Yevele Amritulaya

A long Drive: This one is also a classic but again one of our fav things to do. But of course you only enjoy the actual drive once you get out of the city because the roads tend of get a lot of traffic jams. Nevertheless, we love our long drives, and we like leaving in the early morning when the traffic isn’t that crazy. 

Driving on these winding roads in the monsoons = Love

Going to our fav cafes: A lot of cafes in Pune have outdoor seating and great food and ambience, which is even enhanced in the monsoons with the perfect weather. We love going to our favourite cafes in Pune and enjoy long conversations over tea, coffee and spending lazy afternoons playing board games. Some of our fav cafes are Shisha Cafe(ABC Farms)for their jazz nights, Chai (Viman Nagar) for board game afternoons/evenings and a lot more. We will do another post on our fav cafes in Pune very soon. 

Chai, Viman Nagar

A weekend Getaway: There is nothing quite like weekend getaways from Pune during the monsoon season, even if it’s just a day trip. We love tahini ghats, lavassa and to read the entire list, click here

Trekking: Honestly the most fun thing to do in the monsoons. All the hills in and around Pune turn green in the monsoons and its so soothing for the eyes and trekking(even if it’s a small hill near your house, as is in our case), it’s a great activity to do on the weekends. We have even found our favourite trek to do in Pune and will share that here in another blog post. 

Trekking, Tamhini Ghats

Getting drenched: We know it’s not for everyone but is our absolute fav thing to do in the rainy season. Nitin almost gets sad when it’s not raining too heavily to soak him wet. We recommend bringing a change of comfortable clothes and a towel whenever going on a drive to any of the places near Pune.

One of Hundreds of waterfalls in Tamhini Ghats

Sleep Like a lazy dog: This is a funny one, but isn’t the monsoon season just perfect for snuggles and sleeping. We love doing this on weekends when we are not going out and the afternoon is often spent cuddling and binge watching out fav shows on Netflix. Another great thing is to make yourself a big fat cup of tea and settle down in a cozy corner with a good book and spend the afternoon reading!

These are our fav things to do in the monsoons! What are yours? Do you like the monsoons or you are not really a fan? Let us know in the comments below! đŸ™‚


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