Things husbands do: Diwali Cleaning for Massages

Things husbands do: Diwali Cleaning for Massages

Festive season is around, which means the markets are in full swing and are extra colourful, there are decorations everywhere and some people have already started putting up Diwali lights! There is clearly a lot of shopping to do, for your house decor and all and also gifts for your friends and family. This is all very exciting and something that most people like, I mean except for the crowded markets, but what no one likes is Cleaning the whole house for Diwali (because it is gonna bring you wealth and good fortune). No one likes the cleaning part, except if you are someone like my mother and you are one of those cleaniliness freak people who won’t miss any opportunity to clean the entire house and also put everyone in the house on cleaning duties.

And being her daughter, I am also like those people and no this is nothing that I am proud of(like my mother). There are times when I get irritated because of this habit of mine. I tell myself “You don’t have to do the cleaning, sleep a little more” but then I find myself up and doing something or the other. I came back to Delhi this weekend only and although Nitin cleaned the house before I came(because he is sweet that way) but it was understood that Saturday will be cleaning day for me. I am like my mother in a lot of ways but yeah I don’t ask Nitin to help me with this. It is a different story that he does help me, without even asking. Yeah! I consider myself lucky! ☺️

Now the thing is when Nitin tries to help me, he will go in a different zone altogether. I swear he doesn’t like talking to me during that time and I almost feel like he hates me in that moment because he is doing all this work because of me(even though I don’t ask him to help, but he knows well that if he doesn’t help, I will taunt him and bug him about it!). So this Saturday in the middle of our cleaning project, Nitin was in that zone again and he was giving me these one word replies with a straight face. It was almost like he is undergoing a punishment and there is no way that he can get out of this. There was this tension between the two of us and if I ask Nitin he will still deny this fact. But this Saturday, I asked him “What’s wrong? Why are you so mad at me?” 

And he replied “I am not mad at you.”

Are you sure? Because you look mad.”

“Yeah I am sure. I just want to finish this ASAP”

And he started explaining that he needs to focus so that he can get this cleaning done quickly and he wants to see me happy. This filled my heart with all the more love for this person.

Oh but yeah! Before I melt and start going all praises for Nitin, let me tell you what he did after this Saturday. He started being over dramatic and told me he has a severe back pain, so severe that he can’t even walk, he can’t laugh and he can’t even sit. And now I am the one giving him back massages from the last 3-4 days, 2 times a day! I think he is finally getting up to my drama levels and finding ways to save himself from doing all this work. But obviously I’m one step ahead of you, Nitin!

I have already decided to tell him to not help me this weekend because I don’t want to spend the next week giving him massages! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Also, I will get to bug him that he didn’t help me! So how that’s a win-win situation for the both of us!

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  1. Virender
    October 11, 2017 / 4:20 pm

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