The Proposal

The Proposal

So you all know our story, how we both met, fell in love with each other and that we got married in February this year. There is something that we never told you guys and a number of my friends have asked me to write a blog on how Nitin proposed to me. So here it goes:


When we were dating, we were so much in love but we were always in a long distance relationship because Nitin was in Pune at that time and I was in Delhi and we only met on the weekends that Nitin was coming home.  It made everything really tough and we always felt like there are some things that we don’t want to say over a phone call or on a text. Like we both wanted to tell each other that we feel for the other person but somehow it always felt like there is no time.


So I was in Pune for some interviews for MBA admissions and I met Nitin one evening and we decided to go for a stupid movie. I don’t even remember the name of the Movie because we never actually watched the movie. We bought the tickets and because there was still time for the show to begin, we went to this café in the same mall and we sat there chatting. We suddenly realized that hours had went by so fast and the show was about to start.

I said: “let’s go! The movie is about to start”

Nitin replied Let’s sit here only. I can see it in your eyes that you don’t really want to watch this movie and we are having a good time, we can watch this movie some other time.”

And we sat there for a few more hours just chatting and laughing and blushing. Okay maybe I was the only one blushing! 😛 That Night Nitin told me that he thinks he is falling for me. I was so sleepy when he told me this that I smiled and fell asleep. The next day when I woke up, I was thinking about the night before and I suddenly had this stupid grin across my face. I, in my head, was trying to repeat Nitin’s word “I think I am falling for you” and then I realized how stupid am I. How can I fall asleep right after this person has told me that he is falling for me. This day we met again after he got free from his office and we both had huge smiles across our faces. I teased him and asked him what did he tell me last night, but only because I wanted to hear those words again! 😀 I looked him in his eyes and told him “I, too, am falling for you”

Now this was said and done, we had not yet told each other that we loved the other person. We knew it was there but nothing had been said yet. Now, when Nitin was in Pune, he told me that he can’t wait to come to Delhi because there is something that he wanted to tell me. I had this feeling that he is gonna tell me he loves me. And you know those butterflies in your stomach? They are real!
I was so ready to tell him that I love him too but I was so shy, I can’t even tell you. I am not someone who is generally shy but that day I was blushing and smiling and was avoiding eye contact with Nitin as much as possible. So when he told me he loved me, I grinned and got a lil teary and couldn’t tell him I loved him too. I took good 5 minutes (that were the longest 5 minutes of Nitin’s life) to tell him that I love him too and he wrapped his arms around me.

Now let’s come to THE PROPOSAL, the reason why I started writing this post. I know I went a little off the track but I thought it needs to be told with the proposal story.

One day, January 26th (Republic Day, I know! That’s how we celebrate National holidays), when Nitin was in Delhi again, we were just chilling, we spent the afternoon in the mall and in the evening we were just sitting outside a café, doing the usual chatting and all and Nitin held me hand, looked me in the eyes and asked me if I wanted to spend all my life with him and guess what? I wanted to! And with a big smile and teary eyes (AGAIN), I said “YES”!

He did not plan on asking me to marry him. He had no plans to propose at all, he didn’t even have a ring. But he asked me the moment that thought came to his mind and heart and I am glad it did because I was also thinking the exact same thing. When I said yes, he wrapped me in his arms and we both just stood there hugging each other. After some 5-10 minutes I asked him, “Is this for real? Because I don’t see a ring!” And he said “It is as real as it gets and yeah let’s go and put a ring on it!”

And we LITERALLY went to the mall to buy a ring!! Crazy! I know. And after some 1 hour, He finally put a ring on it! 😀


A few moments after the proposal *eee*

I am all in for BIG planned out dreamy proposals but both of us are the kind of people that say things whenever they come to our minds and I am glad he did not plan this all out because I felt exactly what he was feeling in that moment and that made it extremely special.

I just realised we don’t have the typical “she said yes” photo! Oh and also, I like how 26th January is a National holiday and we can always go on a date and celebrate, without thinking about leaves! 😛


Till next time!






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