The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash Review

So! This is my first Product review here on this site. I had been doing these on my other word press website earlier but since we have decided to shift everything here (because it makes more sense for us), I am writing my first one here and this is a really exciting one. Let me tell you a little background story. I am one of those people who have a baby face and don’t quite look their age and I myself was living under this illusion that I am younger than my age and I don’t really need all these fancy skin care products. I have never had acne, so on that front also I have never really cared about my skin. I feel lucky to have never had acne but it made me ignore my skin. It all changed when I thought I should have a skin care regime to take care of my skin and get it ready for my wedding. And in the spur of the moment in ended up ordering face washes and night creams and everything from Nykaa. And I was one of those freaks who treat their skin really well and all this effort really paid off because in about 2 months, My skin was glowing like it was thanking me for all the care. And this made me consider making this a regular thing and I have been seeing a lot of changes now.

I will share my Wedding skin care regime in a different post, for now I wanted to talk about The body Shop because I have been loving their products for quite some time now and I thought it was only fitting that I write my first post about that only. I love face washes, I mean I love the refreshing feeling that you get. A few weeks back we were at the Mall and I happened to go to TBS and I thought I will give the tea tree face-wash a try. I had heard a lot about tea tree oil and its benefits and had always wanted to try it. I even bought Tea tree essential oil earlier but never used it, so I thought I should try Tea tree face wash only because that is the only way I can actually use Tea tree.

22886109_1733436666667447_8958342797309115327_nIt has now been about 3 weeks that I have been using tea tree face wash and here is all that I have to say about the product:

  • For starters, I looks really fancy. I guess this goes for all the products in The Body Shop range which is a BIG PLUS. It is also a plastic bottle which makes it easier for me to carry it with me when I travel.
  • Coming on to the actual product, I do not like the smell of this particular face wash and it feels like I am applying some medicated face wash. I almost did not want to try it the first time but I told myself that you have already spent the money, give it one try at least. But after this face wash I literally had to go back to my Forest Essentials saffron Cleanser to get that smell of something fresh on my face. But after a few trials I got used to the smell of this face wash also.
  • Now some of you might ask, why did I get it in the first place and why should you by it if it smells that bad. Well! You gotta try this for the benefits, darling; which are plenty!
  • This Face wash is infused with Tea tree oil which removes excess oil from your face, cleanses blemish-prone skin and leaves the skin feeling purified and clearer after each use. After about 3 weeks of using it, I can tell you a thing or two about it. Do not worry that it will over dry your skin. I was a little skeptical when I started using it but it did not dry my skin at all and I have been using it two times a day. I have already started to see the results. My skin feels a lot fresher and is getting clearer by day. I had a dark spot near my chin which seems to have lightened after I started using this Tea tree facial wash and now I actually like the smell as well. It is quite refreshing.
  • It doesn’t lather up much which is a bit disappointing. I know all the good cleanser don’t usually lather up nicely and it is probably supposed to be a good thing!
  • It has glycerin as a major ingredient and that’s why it cleanses the skin perfectly without over drying it. But I would suggest you use a moisturizer or a day cream after any cleanser. I use The Body Shop’s Drops of youth Day cream. I will write a review for that soon.
  • Some of the PROs for using this product are:
    • It cleanses the skin of oil and dirt which prevents breakouts. I have friends who used to have a lot of breakouts and using this cleanser twice a day has helped them with the breakouts.
    • It doesn’t over dry the skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
    • It is not as expensive as other Body shop products.( 1974 INR for 250 ml)
    • It has a lot of natural ingredients which are good for your skin and also has sun protecting agents.
    • It comes in a travel friendly pack as well.
  • If I have to be very critical and think of CONs for this product, they’d be:
    • You have to give it some time to get used to the smell of tea tree oil (if you haven’t used it earlier)
    • It doesn’t have a pump mechanism (which according to me is of absolute importance)


RATING: 4.5/5


Buy it again? Probably NO! I believe TBS will come up with new face cleanser for me to try ( By the time I finish this big bottle of this one!)




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