Tell me If this sounds Familiar!?

Tell me If this sounds Familiar!?

I have been in a relationship with Nitin, who is now my husband, for more than 3 years now. In these years I have gotten to know him a lot better, I have been surprised a lot of times, like the time I found out that he has this super sexy husky singing voice that makes my heart blush and I have experienced a lot of the typical Husband shenanigans. But what still seems like a mystery sometimes is “What the hell he keeps thinking about?”

I can not count the number of times, it must be millions, when I have caught him thinking about I don’t know what and when I ask him about it, I get the same reply every time: “Uumm, It’s Nothing!” I swear this is how the conversation goes down every time:

“What are you thinking about?”

“Umm, It’s nothing!”

“Come on! It can’t be nothing. Tell me what is it?”

“Arey! It is just Random stuff'”

“What random stuff?”

“My thoughts aren’t very organised right now. SO it is neither here nor there.”

“But I tell you everything, even when I am thinking about taking a dump”

“I know! And I like knowing ALL about your pooping schedule *(I sensed Sarcasm)*. But we are two different people, you know. So could you please go back to watching netflix?”

*After finishing another episode of Gilmore Girls*

“So,what were you thinking about?”

LOL! Why do you do this? Okay!! I was thinking would you like a cat or a dog as a pet?”

“What kind of Dog?”

*He remains silent for about ten seconds* (probably because his mind wandered off thinking about something else, That i’d never know about)

“How about a Husky?”

*I start googling pictures and videos of cute husky puppies and forget all about the conversation we were having*

AND he is successful in avoiding all my inquisition. YET AGAIN! He does this every single time. Sometimes it is husky, Sometimes a chow-chow.

*Evil laugh* Because I seem to have a plan to get inside his head! All I need is a dog now because then he can’t divert my attention with questions like “Would you like a cat or a dog as a pet?”




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