Start a Blog TODAY: 8 Easy Steps

Start a Blog TODAY: 8 Easy Steps

You have been thinking about starting a blog for the longest time but have no idea where to start?

It sucks being in that position.

Trust me, I know. I have been there.

I had been thinking about starting a blog for about 3-4 years before one day I finally did. I know it can be a little over whelming when you are trying to start a blog from scratch and there is so much information out there that it gets confusing. Worry not, I have got you covered. Here are the 8 essential steps you need to do, to start your own blog:

  1. Domain Name: It is not exactly a tool but it the most important thing when starting a blog. A domain name will be your sites identity and it will be the name with which your audience recognises you. Think about what your target audience is and what kind of posts will you be writing about as in what topics will you cover. whether you want to blog about travel, fashion, make-up, choose a domain name that represents it and tells your audience what your blog is about. And even though you can always change it later, but it’s best that you give this a thought, because it becomes a brand. There are so many things that go into choosing a domain name, but lets not get into the nitty gritties in this post. While selecting the domain name, make sure you check its availability on sites like go-daddy.
  2. Buying the domain name: Once you have chosen a domain name which is available too, you will need to buy that domain name. Go-daddy is a very common platform to do so. But just in case you don’t want to make an investment right now, you can always start with a free domain like .
  3. Hosting: Next thing is deciding which platform do you want to host your website on. There are a number of hosting options like bluehost, siteground, wordpress. However, if you are starting with a free wordpress domain, you will obviously be hosting on WordPress itself, and it is a great option to begin with. There are tons of options for themes and a lot of the themes are completely free.
  4. WordPress page builder: Once you have decided on hosting platform, there is usually an option to use wordpress builder as your default page-builder and it is amazing. It is so easy to use and there are so many options to customise everything about your blog. From a number of theme options, to highly customisable plug-ins and widgets, the wordpress builder has every functionality that you might need. Check out my top-5 Free Plug-ins that every wordpress blog needs, here.
  5. Email-List Building Service: Getting people to subscribe to your blog using the wordpress sidebar widget s not enough. While people can still subscribe that way, but you won’t get a list of all the people who are subscribed to you and hence doesn’t serve you a purpose. Using platforms like mail chimp to build an email list are much more convenient and simple to use and I learned it the hard way. Start with Mail chimp’s basic plan which is free and work your way up to the mailing list and you can always upgrade anytime you want.
  6. A connected Pinterest Business account: Yes you read that right. Pinterest is the key to grow your blog unless you have a massive social media following on instagram or youtube. And make sure you use a Business account on Pinterest, it’s free. It gives you the added benefit of being bale to analyse your pins and see how much traffic you are driving from Pinterest to your blog.
  7. Connect Social Media Using widgets: Connecting all your social media using one of the social media widgets is a very important step as it will help you advertise your blog on all the other platforms and leverage the audience you have there.
  8. Writing your first post and SEO check before posting: Now that your blog is up and running and you are ready to write your first post, make sure you don’t forget to use a widget like Yoast SEO to analyse your SEO score and work on the tips to improve your score. In case you want to read more about the plug-ins we use, read this post. Also, don’t forget to add high quality images to your blog posts as it makes your blog look more professional. In case you do not have high quality pictures, read this blog for all the free resources for royalty free images for blogs.

Well Done! You have published your first post. Don’t forget to share it on your social media and keep blogging. Remember that you learn as you go and obviously not everything will be in perfect place when you start but things will get better and easier once you get the hang of everything.

Happy Blogging!

See you next time 🙂


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