Some Changes here!

Some Changes here!

Hey Guys,

I know it has been a long time since we have written a post and the reason why we have been MIA lately is that we are settling down in our home, now that I am back from Pune (Finally) and believe me there was a lot of cleaning and organizing to do because there were two boys living in my home. There are still pretty much here but now I am also here to monitor and control them! 😀

Sometimes I feel so devilish and feel like this power and control over their lives in making me a very mean person and I am sure they’d agree (if they were allowed to). Anyway, coming back to the topic, we have been MIA from quite some time and we were organizing things & changing things with this blog as well (setting it up is a big task). We spent our First Diwali as a married couple together and it was a lot of fun with delicious home cooked food, lots of sweets and spending time with the people we love. We were also able to sneak in a little trip to Udaipur. Udaipur had been on our travel list for a long time (mostly because it is like a 12 hour drive from Delhi) and we finally took a road trip there and we’d like to go again because it was such a beautiful, laid-back city and we felt like we didn’t get enough time there. More on Udaipur will come in a separate blog soon!

Again, coming back to the point, we both felt like we want this blog to be more about our lives than just travel and relationships, so we decided to broaden it to include things like health and wellness (Yeah! your girl here is starting a fitness thing) and also things like product reviews and recipes so that it is more of a Lifestyle Blog, which we want it to be.

We have also worked on a schedule for the same and I can say that things are looking good and you guys should expect to see a lot more posts from now on!

We hope you love reading these posts because we certainly enjoy writing them. The next post will come soon and it will all about our road trip. Till then, Check out the new set up for this site and let us know how you like this.


See you soon!




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