Promises. Wait, What promises?

Promises. Wait, What promises?

We have well established that Nitin often wonders what kind of a woman he fell for and also ended up marrying. And if are late to the party and have no clue what we are talking about, you’re welcome to read the games that this woman has played with Nitin in the 5 years that he has known her, here. Oh before I confuse anyone, the woman in discussion is me.  

Another thing that he wonders about is all the promises that he made to her and how he has not been able to keep some of them. And it’s not that he wonders about the promises he made, by himself, he is often reminded of them, by me, of course. And why do I do that? For those of you who don’t know, It comes in the “How to be a good wife” manual. If you want to give it a read, you could always borrow mine, it is in a pretty good condition, which is not surprising given that I have never read it, EVER. 

So, he is often reminded of these promises and while a lot of them he has kept and continues to keep even today, like taking care of me, supporting me no matter what and making sure I am happy, blah blah! BUT, BUT ladies and gentlemen, I think we all know what we are going to focus on here, yes! The ones that he has not been able to keep. No, I am not going to tell you what they were, not yet anyway.

Then why did he make those promises in the first place, one might ask.

Well, let’s just say that HE WAS DRUNK on love of course. And it was not like he made all those promises the same day, so let’s just say Nitin was drunk for an entire year (maybe more). And let’s just say that he has been trying to cure that hangover for the last four years, which by the way, he will never be able to do, because that’s what true love is, kids. And this goes without saying that I am in no way complaining about the kind of husband he is because it goes without saying that he is a very good husband, you know even though that he has this daft woman as his wife, yes me, he still meant to keep all of those promises.

And it’s a fact that we tend to make a lot of promises when we are on a high tide in life, but then later on, not all of them are often kept because sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes we are just too lazy to get things done and if you are anything like Nitin, you often completely forget about them, unless reminded by your loving wife of course. Again, I am not going to complain that he is forgetful, because this “trait” of his is something that I really appreciate when we have an argument over something and I am at fault and then minutes or hours later, he completely forgets about it (like it never happened), while if it’s his mistake, I could always remind him that he was at fault, which works really well for me, but let’s not go on that tangent.

Now, those of you who know me as the person who once wrote all these mushy posts for Nitin, before you call me out, let me just give you a fair warning that there is still a lot of corniness left in me that could come out in any of the upcoming posts. But I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Because for now, we shall talk about the promises that were made but never really kept. By now “promises that were made but never kept” has started to sound like one of those annoying phrases that they keep repeating in all the musicals, right? Well, give me a break while I close all the other tabs in mind and focus on the thing at hand.

So why has all the corniness made way for posts like this, one might ask. See, what changes when you start living together or when you get married, which is essentially the same thing for most Indians, is that you start spending a lot of time together. And while that is super amazing, sometimes one of you guys(mostly the husbands), gets to see a totally different side of their partner. And this multi-faced partner is usually the wife(no offence ladies) and most of the times it is the husband’s fault. At least in our case it always is. Nitin has his ways of annoying me, which brings me to the first promise that he has not been able to keep. He promised that “we will never let these arguments take up a lot of our time and whoever is at fault will always be quick to apologize.”

The key word here being “apologize”. But seriously, why is it so hard for guys to say they are sorry? Nitin is often very quick in owning up whenever I tell him it’s his fault, but never has he once said sorry to me, and sometimes that annoys me even more than the actual thing over which I was mad. Now, he has his own mechanism to make it up to me. It often involves squeezing me in a tight hug, so tight that I can’t even breathe and smothering me with kisses, and if I am to be completely honest, it often works as well, because who doesn’t love warm hugs from giant humans? But the “wife” inside me sometimes just want to hear the actual word “sorry” coming out of her husband’s mouth? Is that too much to ask for?

Another promise was that he’d cook for me on weekends. “I will do the cooking on weekends” was exactly what he said. And in the last 28 months that we have been together, guess how many times has Mr. husbandman cooked me a meal? Three times. Yes I counted, wasn’t that difficult. Now Nitin would tell you it’s because I wake up hours before he does and because I have no chill, I am usually done with all the cooking by the time he wakes up, but the point here is “What stops him from waking up early once in a while to cook for his loving wife?” I’ll tell you what. His love for sleep, which is more than his love for me. It’s true.

Another one was somewhat on the lines of “I will never do anything to hurt you” and this one he has certainly not kept and in fact he gloats when I remind him of this one. I guess it is safe to say that over these 2 years that we have lived together, there have been countless brawls. It often starts with a simple innocent poke from either one of us and before we know it, it turns into those tussles you used to have with your siblings when you were little (or maybe you still do, no judging) and they usually end when I have a bruise on my arm. I don’t know how but this huge ass human always manages to give me one, and you know what his reaction usually is when I show it to him? He starts laughing at me. Shameless human. Along with my height this is something that he likes making fun of, how I am such a weakling. Believe me when I tell you that this is the only reason I weight train these days.

That’s about it for today because there is no way I can talk more about these unkept promises without garnering bitter feelings for Nitin and god knows he is way too sweet and doesn’t deserve that, not right now anyway.

I’ll catch you tomorrow. Till then I’ll be right here, trying to prevent my blood from boiling.


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