Our Pinterest Pining Strategy

Our Pinterest Pining Strategy

If you have been struggling to understand how Pinterest works, this post is for you. We will explain exactly how can you drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest. It is simpler than you might think.

But we know the struggles well, because we have been there ourselves. We have gone from people who knew nothing about Pinterest to nerds who love the platform. It is a platform where your content lives on forever (given that you do it right).

And it’s true that a lot of bloggers drive major traffic through Pinterest. However, if you have no idea how the platform works, we have a detailed post on that as well. In Pinterest for Beginners we cover all the basics, so go ahead and read that first if you are just getting started.

However, if you know the platform and just want to know our pinning strategy that helped us DOUBLE OUR BLOG TRAFFIC in a month, keep reading.

Okay let’s cover the basics first.


We always focus on optimising your Pinterest account first. We have consulted several people on how to to set up their Pinterest accounts and here are the pointers for you:

Pinterest Business Account: Having a Pinterest business account is the first step and it is crucial. It allows you to see all the analytics and see which of your pins are performing well and on which group Boards.

Rich Pins: Make sure you have rich pins enabled for your website. It will allow people to go directly to your blogpost from the pin and increase the traffic. It again takes just 5 minutes to set up and if you want to know how to get rich pins, check out out post on that.

Keywords in Boards: Do not name your boards like it is your personal Pinterest account. Seriously, DON’T. We have all been there and it takes forever to go back and edit and rearrange all the boards. So set it up right. You need to have boards that include the keywords that explain what the board is about. Take your time to edit the description for each board too. It doesn’t take that long and it makes a lot of difference for Pinterest SEO.

Optimised Pins: Optimised pins are going to be the core of your Pinterest strategy. try out different pins and see what kind works well for your audience and then stick to it. If you want to brand your content and want to build your blog as a brand, then this a must. If you are asking what are optimised pins, let us break it down. Optimised pins are pins that are:

  • Beautiful
  • Click-worthy
  • Have a Clear-easily readable title
  • Use High quality photos
  • Has a detailed description that is rich in keywords

Our Pinning Strategy:

Okay now that you have a beautiful optimised Pinterest account, let’s get down to business. Your Pinning strategy will be a mix of :

  • How Often to Pin?
  • Where to Pin?
  • How to pin?
  • What time to pin?

How Often to Pin:

Okay so if you are just starting out with Pinterest, we would say aim for at least 20 pins every day. More is almost always better with Pinterest but we do not want to overwhelm you. And you of course don’t want to pin 100 pins in a day and then vanish for a month.

However, if you have been using Pinterest for a while now and want to take this more seriously, we would suggest pin more than 50 Pins every day. Don’t go crazy too as Pinterest might consider excessive Pinning as spammy. Also make sure you are following and respecting group Board rules if you are pinning to group boards.

Pinterest Algorithm loves active users. So we would recommend you to pin daily. it does not take more than 10 minutes even if you are pinning manually. Just make sure that you are pinning good pins that rank higher on the algorithm.

Where to pin?

Whenever we publish a blogpost, we pin it to the most relevant board first. So if you have two boards : One is recipes and other is One pot recipes and you have a blogpost on a new one pot recipe then pin it to the most relevant board which is “one Pot Recipes” first.

We also always pin it to our individual board first and then later schedule it for group boards. For scheduling our pins to the group boards, we always use Tailwind. And that’s the strategy that we have seen works for us. manual pinning for your own boards and scheduled pinning through a scheduler like Tailwind. We use Tailwind also because it is so easy to schedule a whole weeks pins in just about an hour or so.

When talking about group boards, we also want to point out that group boards are the most amazing way to boost your traffic but agin, be social and share pins from group boards too. When starting out we recommend you keep the group boards diversified and join at least 10. Of course you want to look for group boards where there are active users.

If you have been on Pinterest for a while and aren’t a contributor for any group boards, you are making a mistake and are missing out on traffic. Joining group boards is easier than you think. We just message the owner of the group boards telling them that we would like to be a contributor and we will respect the group rules and usually get accepted to group boards. Join as many as you can but make sure they are relevant to you and your topic.

How to Pin?

A lot of people ask us this question whether they should eb pinning manually or should use a service like Tailwind. And our answer is always the same.

Start with Manual pinning first, the give the free tailwind account a try and then if you see the results and are convinced, then upgrade to the paid version of tailwind.

Why we recommend Manual pinning is because you will learn a lot this way. When you are pinning manually, you will be able to better analyse which boards work better. Of course there are analytics to tell you that but we think when you learn and understand the logic behind it, it will take you a long way.

What time to pin?

When you pin is very important. Most of your followers will be able to see your pin the moment you pin it and if all your audience is most active at 9:00 A.M. and you are pinning at say 10 P.M. , it’s not going to be very effective, is it?

Choosing the right time is therefore a must. You can easily see that in the Pinterest analytics section of your profile. it will tell you when your audience is most active. But do not pin all your pins at the same time. Spreading out your pins throughout the day is equally important.

When considering about spreading out your pins, we keep a few factors in mind. First is to not pin the same image multiple times during the day as it gets a bit spammy for the audience and second is to not pin the same images in group boards again the next day.

Also remember that Pinterest loves active users so in the beginning if you could take out 5-10 minutes about 3-4 times in the day, it will skyrocket your traffic.

You could also use a scheduler like Tailwind to spread out your pins but again, try the manual pinning first. However, if you do not have the time in the beginning because you are starting your blog as a side hustle, we totally recommend starting off with tailwind right away.

That’s everything from us. How do you pin? Tell us about your pinning strategies in the comments below. Have any questions? Ask away.

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