Our Story-3

Our Story-3

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We kept on talking and another month passed by!
It was time for the annual break and I was coming home after a good four months. Generally I used to visit every 30 days or so but then I had heard enough times during last trip that I should save some of the money and not waste it on air tickets so frequently. So, I stayed back in Pune for a longer duration not to save money but to make them miss me at home. Frankly if money is keeping you far from home, its not worth it. It used to be the happiest day when I would be flying home from Pune. Am sure my colleagues in office could clearly see it on my face every single time.

I was excited to the core. There was Dad’s birthday which is one the most important days of the year for me. One of the best friends’ was getting married and the rest of the gang was travelling to his place in Rae Bareily. She poked, You aren’t going to have time to meet me. You already got so many plans lined up. And then you have so many friends to catch up with. I smiled and told her I will reserve an evening for you. 🙂
So there I was, ready to board my flight. Butterflies in the stomach, we were finally going to meet!
Still remember how restless I was, how long that flight seemingly took to reach Delhi, how heavy the bag was which I stuffed in as cabin luggage to save time, didn’t want to waste a single second on anything else.
And I finally saw her in person. She was searching for my face in that crowded place. We were already trying to locate each other over phone so I told her to walk straight.
We met! And she said “you are so tall!!!”


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