Our Story-1 

Our Story-1 

You never know when exactly you fall in love with a person.
sometimes when I think about it, I am like okay so this is when it happened.
But within seconds I realise it wasn’t one moment, it was a complete series which continues till date.

Chapter 1
I still remember when she first pinged me on facebook trying to connect to someone she knew from childhood as a family friend.
God knows it’s true the heart skipped a beat when I saw the pretty smile in her profile picture.
Then came the next barrier, you cannot jump on to flirting when you have known someone since childhood.
Knowing her would not have been that big, but knowing her entire family certainly was.
Dil ko samjhaya!!!
Tried to connect back, pinged.. commented on her pics..
No replies.. poof she was gone.. and I wondered what happened to her account which suddenly went numb.
Days passed.. then they became months..
I shifted base from Delhi to Pune, things went on..
One fine day I got poked
well I was elated to see her again..
As we talked, I found out that it was an old foe of mine which had interrupted the communication between us.
Studies !!! She was preparing for her MBA entrances
I got more determined to get back what was rightfully mine!! (too dramatic!! I know but thats how the heart plays)
This time we connected good; the chats were long and unending
she was fighting with books and exams and I became an ally
one day when i was showing her pics from my cousins engagement she teased “I would love to see you soon on your wedding”

The heart played flirty and thought it will actually be great to have you at my wedding !!! chuckles


Stay tuned for next chapters! 🙂




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