Our Favorite Places to HANGOUT in Delhi

Our Favorite Places to HANGOUT in Delhi

Delhi has tons of places where you can go to have a good time. Whether you are in the mood for a little stroll, you want to hangout with your favorite people in a cafe, you want to eat your heart out or you want to party, there are just a lot of options and it is difficult to even list all the places that we’d recommend. But here is the list of our absolute favorite places to hangout in Delhi:

  1. For relaxed strolls: In case you want to go for a relaxed stroll in Delhi or you want to just relax in the sun on a chilly Sunday in the winters, Humanyu’s Tomb. The tomb complex is huge and there are such beautiful gardens that when you enter, you feel like you have escaped Delhi’s madness. If you go in the mornings, you will see a lot of people there for their morning walks and yoga sessions.
  2. For an Evening out: We love going to MOCHA art house in DLF Promenade. The ambiance is amazing and the food is really good. Their hot chocolate is one of the best that I have tried and they have outdoor seating as well, which is good for days when the weather is good. This was our absolute favorite place to go to when we were dating( I guess things change when you get married, more on this later 😁)
  3. For a relaxed laid-back afternoon: CHA-BAR is one of those places that have souls. I mean, if you are someone who loves reading books and have a thing for indian style snacks and hi-tea, Cha bar is the place to be. And the fact that it is in the heart of Delhi is also a plus. Read a few chapters from a book and enjoy tea while you are in connaught place.
  4. For Delicious food: Head over to Majnu ka tila and find your way through the small lanes to find the cafe that matches your vibe and mood. There are a lot of cafes and food joints but you’ll find some of them to be over-hyped, so try out a few cafes and find the one you like the best. You can also find places that serve authentic korean food ( if that’s your thing) Oh and the best part? you can shop for a lot of stuff while you are here. Be it home decor, essential oils or healing bowls, you’ll find everything here in the lanes of Majnu ka tila.
  5. For Sun-downers: Hauz khas village is the perfect place to be for sun-downers. There are a lot of options to choose from and some of the restaurants here have amazing roof-top bars with stunning views of the city, so grab yourself some cocktails and watch the sun set from one of these roof tops . Our favorite places are: OTB(amazing rooftop views), Raasta (for the vibe), The garage ( For the view from balcony and the food)
  6. For food & Party Scenes: If you are in central Delhi and are looking for a place with tons of food options, head over to Khan market and indulge your taste buds at The big Chill Cafe( One of our all time favorite) or Khan Chacha (for amazing rolls).

These are some of our absolute favorite places to go to, in Delhi. I know it started with places to hangout and started becoming about food, although I really tried to restrict myself.  So I will do another post about places you shouldn’t miss eating at when you are in Delhi.

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