One Year Already?

One Year Already?

Exactly one year ago, around this time I was super excited as it was our wedding day. Although the idea of getting all dressed up and having to fake smile for all these people that I didn’t know wasn’t very exciting but I was still excited because it meant that Nitin & I were going to start a life together. And boy what a year has it been! Has it really been a year? Wow! Time has flown by so quickly!

And in this one year we have had loads of arguments over silly things, travelled to a lot of new places together, made so many memories, annoyed the hell out of each other, laughed way too hard at our lame jokes that only the two of us find funny, got drunk and had a dance party by ourselves and what not! The husband even made sure that there were no anniversary celebrations! ‘

And continuing with the “No Gifts policy”, we decided to not get any gifts for each other. This is a stupid thing that the husband started because he sucks at giving gifts. I swear there have been times when I have shamelessly asked for a gift, but you know what I got? Nothing! In fact about 1 month before my birthday, I started giving him these hints that I want a present, but can he take a hint? NO! And still I love him & don’t plan to torture him in any of the hundred ways that come to my head on a daily basis. Seriously, you can say that I am like a saint! But I wouldn’t say that because I know what Nitin will disagree because he knows better! He has seen unspeakable things!

And I am not complaining, because he gets me gifts when I least expect them and he gets me the cutest things ever, but that’s not the point. The point is that we have been married for a year now, and I love being married to this incredible human being. So, I thought I will write him a letter, because this will still be in line with the “no gift policy” and I will in a way gift him something and establish my dominance!

Dear Nitin,

Have we really been married for a year now? It seems like it was just yesterday when we first met and I saw this handsome, tall man walking towards me with this big smile across his face and felt that there was a connection between us! But I am not writing this to tell you about your smile, because I know that by now you are probably already bored of hearing it! I am writing this to tell you how boring we are and I am writing this to tell you that I still love you even when you annoy me and most importantly, I am writing this for myself , to remind myself of all these mundane things that make our marriage beautiful and things that I will probably never get bored of!

First things first, What the hell is wrong with you? Why can’t you say sorry after any argument when we know that I am almost always right! Why don’t you care about your life? Why do you have to be so adamant? *Wait! This feels like it can fuel another argument because you are such a drama queen, so let’s drop it here*

But seriously, you have so many ways to annoy me! And I know you make fun of my lists, so here is one for you:

  1. How much do you sleep!?  I mean on days when you get to. I know I complain that I feel lonely when you don’t wake up till noon on weekends but I absolutely hate it when you sacrifice your sleep and get up (or at least try to get up) early for me. It is the sweetest thing ever but I’d hate for you to not do something that you love so much!
  2. You are such a hoarder man. I mean that shark t-shirt that you still wear even though it has so many holes in it and even though it doesn’t even cover your entire belly(Ahem! Your stomach part, you don’t have a belly). And the way you react when I ask you to throw these old clothes away, it is so damn funny and annoying too, at times, but I will keep convincing you to get rid of them and I know one day I will succeed.
  3. Why do you ALWAYS have to ask me to sniff your armpits( and other annoying things that husbands do)and tell you if it’s time to take a shower. That’s just Disgusting! And I hate you for it! Well before you go on and start blackmailing me for saying “Hate”, or before you go on and suffocate me in your armpit, I don’t mean HATE hate. I know that you know that!
  4. I am so sick of these “Short height jokes” Just because you are a giant 6’1” human and you see the entire world from another angle that I will never get to know because I am a tiny person(according to you) doesn’t mean that it is okay to keep making these jokes. I absolutely hate these stupid jokes that only you laugh at. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because I kind of love that you are so tall and when I hug you I feel that nothing else exists and I kind of get lost somewhere in your arms and I need that on some days!

But I am not gonna just complain on this day because I know I will never hear the end of it, so here are some things that I love about you and that make me feel so incredibly lucky to have found you to spend the rest of my life with.

  1. I love that you watch stupid chick flicks with me on days when I don’t feel like watching anything else and that you never complain about it. Now that I think about it, maybe these movies are the reason why you are turning into such a drama queen these days. Or maybe it is just because you live with me now 😛
  2. I love the smile on your face. It literally makes my day. I love how you can smile through everything and on some days your smile is the only thing that gets me through the day. Also, it makes your otherwise average looking face, look good. Although I pretend to be mad at you when you are trying to win over the argument
  3. When the wife keeps coming up with new ideas every other day and wants her husband to discuss the details with her, it takes one helluva husband to actually take part in these discussions, not just pretend to take interest but to actually do that and I am glad I found someone who does.
  4. You treat me like a baby when I am not well and otherwise as well! I love that you are so caring and you know when you need to scold me and tuck me in bed when I am not well. I love that somehow, you always manage to calm me and seriously making me say yes to Vicks vapour-rub is something for which you should have a sense of achievement.
  5. I absolutely Lourve that you understand me at times when I don’t even say what I am feeling. I love that you don’t flood me with millions of questions right away and that you flood me with hugs and kisses instead.
  6. I gotta say this, I don’t say it enough: I love the massages. When at the end of a long day, I am super tired, nothing relaxes me more than and quicker than the quick massages that you give! I love them so much that some times I just have to fake the whole “being tired” thing, so that you’d give me a massage. I know that you already know that but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  7. I love how you are never jealous or insecure. It has kept me sane through our long distance relationship and I love the kind of stability this brings to our relationship. I love that we are the kind of people who seek only happiness and who want to lift each up and don’t question the love that we have for each other. I love the no fight thing that we have got going. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Okay. I think that’s enough. It makes a good letter. Here I am typing away and I know the you will get me a flower and a kiss for the anniversary. So, I am done doing the hard work. You know I love you! Here’s to one year without killing each other, Cheers!



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