No Rest for the wicked

No Rest for the wicked

This morning (if we can still call it a morning), I woke up at 12:15 P.M and realised that we had slept in, AGAIN. And why? Because we slept around 4 in the morning. And why? Because on weekends we still live like college roommates and sleeping early on the weekend just doesn’t make sense to us. And the thing about waking up after noon is that you wake up with this silly feeling in your head, where whatever you try to (or want to) do, your body keeps telling you it’s time for an afternoon nap, which is “Silly” because I never take afternoon naps. Still, somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed, while Nitin opened his eyes, saw me getting out of bed, closed his eyes again and sank back into oblivion.

The silly feeling might also be because I had some really weird dreams last night. You know the kind where you are trying to save a bunch of peole from this monster? Only at the end of the dream I was chasing a baby goat (don’t ask me why because I don’t seem to remember it clearly) and was at last successful in catching that goat. I was holding it in my arms (while it was slowly nibbling at my finger) and was bringing it back to our home so that it’s safe, when I realised that this is a dream, because there’s no other way I’d ever hold a baby goat in my arms. Hell, there is no way I’d ever be able to catch a baby goat considering my fitness, which is a joke right now. So, I woke up, only to find Jojo nibbling at the toe of my left leg.

In order to shake off the silly feeling, I made myself a big glass of lukewarm lemon water and honey and sipped very slowly while making to-do lists in my head. I love making these lists and I take great pride in this.While I was making the list, I quickly opened the calendar to check what date it is, and suddenly the silly feeling was replaced by pure happiness, because it was 11th may. And what’s special about 11th may? Nothing except it’s ONLY 21 days till my birthday and while that may not be a big deal to many people, it is a big deal to me. I love Birthdays and I am not ashamed of it. So much so that it is almost impossible for Nitin to plan a surprise for me, because months before my birthday I start giving him hints that he should maybe start planning something for my birthday. But this time around when someone didn’t take a hint, I shamelessly went ahead and asked Nitin “What are we doing for my birthday?“ 

And he gave me this look like he is saying Woman would you please for once in your life, let things be and trust me with the planning. 

And while some girls would love to leave everything to their husbands, I am not one of them, nuh-uh. I am, in fact quite the opposite. And it’s not that Nitin will plan something that won’t be a pleasant surprise, my only concern is that it won’t be exactly what I had thought. Call me crazy but that’s how it is. I am the type of person who loves making plans and elaborate to-do lists for something as simple as grocery shopping and quite frankly I get quite a kick out of it.

That’s the only reason why when Nitin’s parents are here in Pune and I don’t get to go grocery shopping, I feel like something is missing. Again, a lot of people would love not having to do the groceries, but I am not one of those people. There is something about having a to-do list and getting all the things on the list done. And one can only imagine if grocery shopping gives me so much joy, then planning for a birthday is a different game altogether. And I can’t simply hand it over to someone else, even if it is my husband. 

So, I woke up this morning, and realised it’s only 21 days till my birthday and I couldn’t help myself but smile from ear to ear because now I get to plan what I am going to do on my birthday. Now exactly where does Nitin stand in this scheme of things, you ask?  Well, I think he knows this by now that he married a crazy one and is happy that he doesn’t have to plan anything. In fact, two years back (on my first birthday after getting married) He even got away with not getting me a birthday cake, just because we were on a road trip in Kerala, and happened to be in a small town on my birthday and we couldn’t find any bakery.

But it was all okay, no shots were fired, simply because it was my plan in the first place. Had it been his plan and had there been no cake, I think you can only imagine what hell he’d have gone through. Is that the definition of double standards? Sure. But usually I have my resons (as I have for everything). And now he has learned that it’s for his own good, that he leave all the planning upto me. 

And usually when I am planning all these things Nitin is usually not interested and that works out great for me, because I can then plan everything without having to amuse a kid. And I am not even exaggerating, last year we went to Vietnam and I did all the planning, of course. Nitin didn’t even know the names of the cities we were to go to and he was happy with it. Like I know a lot of people would be. Just going on a vacation and not having a thing to worry about, works for a lot of people and hence a lot of tour agencies are doing so well these days. But yes, not me.

But other than that happy feeling, I also had this feeling that Nitin has something planned already. And the crazy planning lady in me couldn’t deal with not knowing. So, I poked the bear further and eventually he caved in. Or perhaps he knew that there is no rest for the wicked and I wouldn’t stop until I knew what he was planning for my birthday. So yeah, he eventually caved in and told me that he was planning another road trip for my birthday (can’t tell you “where” yet). And while usually I want things to go exactly as I have planned, his plan may work too (I told myself) and also consoled the crazy planning lady that she can still plan all the other details, what if husband has already pinned down “where” we are going. 

We will see how it goes!

Tell next time 🙂


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