No Anniversary Celebrations!?

No Anniversary Celebrations!?

Nitin and I met on 28th of the month so we kind of celebrate this ‘anniversary’ thing monthly. And by celebrate, NO! I do not mean any fancy dinners(there might be some exceptions). It could mean anything: Going out for a date, going for a movie, going for dinner, shopping. ANYTHING!

One of the months Nitin forgot to wish me on 28th, and to be honest I too forgot about it except that I suddenly realized that it was 29th now and I asked Nitin “Why didn’t you wish me”

He said “Neither did you!”

I told him that I had’t forgotten about it, I just wanted to see whether he wishes me or not. 😛

Being the cute person that he is, he said “Everyday  with you is like a dream, there is nothing special about the 28th, it is just like all the other days”

I gave him some looks and then began thinking about what he had just said. He went back to watching TV and I went back to thinking about random things. I started thinking about the things we did on the 28th.

Like every other day we woke up late. We were just lazing in bed, talking about what we were going to do that day, later in the evening, making plans.

Nitin asked me “What should we do today?”

As usual I replied “Let’s go and get ourselves a puppy! Yay!”

Nitin licked my face to prove that I don’t need a puppy because I already have him and I don’t even have to worry about potty training him.

After this conversation we dragged ourselves out of bed, brushed our teeth and freshened up. Then began another discussion; you know the usual What should we have for breakfast?

We made the usual omelette and toast because none of us was in the mood to put in any efforts(read: We are lazy asses). Hence the quick breakfast and both of us were in front of the TV watching Suits.

We had decided that we will go out in the evening but it was too hot (here is Delhi) and we were lazing in front of the AC and also Suits was on a very interesting point; so we didn’t. Instead we stayed home, watched TV, talked, you know, the USUAL, nothing special. 

All this thinking, this recollection, made me realize that Love is in all the simple things we both do for each other every day. It doesn’t always have to be a big gesture to tell the other person how much you love them.

I usually tell Nitin I love him when I cook his favorite Kadhi for him, or when I let him sleep while I sneak out of the bed sometimes, or when I randomly give him hugs.

In a similar way He lets me know he loves me when he finishes every last bit of food that I cook, or when he tells me bedtime stories when I have trouble sleeping, or when he steals kisses from my cheeks when I am busy watching TV.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you can express how much you love a person through these small gestures and sometimes it means everything to the other person.

The 28th was just like any other day for both of us, we did nothing special but we both felt loved and happy and enjoyed every bit of the day! 🙂 

Till next time!





  1. August 3, 2017 / 10:10 am

    how sweet you two are, thanks for the follow 🙂

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