Netflix kind of weekends

Netflix kind of weekends

Our last week was spent binge watching YOU on Netflix. Although we were both skeptical about the show before starting but we heard so many good things from people. So we thought we will give it a try. What else are you supposed to do on a weekend when you have decided to not leave the house.

Nitin was still a little sick, a case of bad throat and had taken to bed. Yea, he is such a drama queen when it comes to him being “sick”. So all the plans to leave the house were postponed till no further notice. I had already gone for a round of grocery shopping on Friday morning and our fridge was stocked with food.

We had all the “good for throat” munchies ready and the Pune weather these days is just a cherry on the cake. I am not kidding. The weather is perfect for snuggling. It is not that hot, neither too cold. Nitin and I don’t fight over the quilt at night. Nor does it get too hot with Nitin’s insane body heat (Yes, someone took being hot too literally). Yes, so the weather is just perfect. Nitin even has no problems having a cup of tea with me in this weather. On other days, he makes such a fuss about it. He tells me he can’t go to sleep at night if he has tea during the day. LIES! But that’s a story for different time. The weather is perfect and I have someone to share tea with and I am not complaining.

Not yet anyway.

So snacks were ready, fridge stocked with good healthy food, we had our hot mugs of tea. We call all this prep our “Netflix & Chill prep” (Obviously not referring to the millennial version of Netflix and chill, which is booty call as everyone knows.)

Now, Is binge watching Netflix the only thing to do when someone is sick? Of course. You have any better ideas? Let us know down below!

Is binge watching Netflix probably rotting our brains? Yeah most definitely. At least that’s what this article says. But have you ever taken care of a “sick” person? Wait, even better, Have you ever taken care of your “sick” . husband? Yes those two are completely different. you see any other person would probably have tea/warm fluids, do gargles and try to avoid food that’s bad for their throat. But husbands are a different species. I am not speaking just from the experience of the one I have. I have talked to my friends about it and this applies to almost all the husband out there. When they have a thing as small as cold or a bad throat, they turn into babies. For real.

So you see, I had a choice to make. Either I could watch Netflix with Nitin or I could listen to him talking about how “sick he is” and how he can’t sleep. And I am not ashamed to say, I chose Netflix. Yes, mainly because it was the easier thing to do. Trust me, I am a good wife. Nitin would’ve chosen the same. Yes I haven’t asked him yet, but only because I know him.

So we started watching the show “YOU” and we were hooked.

Goes with out saying it was really good and you know what happens when we find a really good show? Yes, we binge watch it, like most sensible adults. That’s how we finished Narcos and Money Heist. Although “Money heist” Being a good show is still in question, but that didn’t stop us from binge watching it. Okay maybe we aren’t “VERY SENSIBLE” when it comes to binging on Netflix shows. But hey! it’s things like these that make adulting “fun”, right?

But you know what happens when you binge watch a show? The moment it gets over, you feel like you don’t know what to do with your life anymore. You have all this free time in the day and then you look for ways to fill up that gap. You even think about going to gym! And that’s when you know things are serious and you let them get way out of your hands. I mean thinking about going to gym to pass time? How much time did I spent in watching that ridiculous show and why am I so bored now that it’s over.

And just like that, I tell myself I have wasted too much time. Then I & Nitin have a discussion about how we shouldn’t watch this much television and do something more productive than this. And then we do. We go to the gym, eat healthy, get a lot of work done, but all this, unless someone (Hint:Nitin) finds another great show for us to watch. And then makes up the whole “We should postpone all our plans to go out until further notice, I think I am getting sick”.


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