Travel: NaiYang Beach, Phuket

Travel: NaiYang Beach, Phuket

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After spending 3 days in Panwa, we were so excited to go to our next Destination, Naiyang Beach, Phuket. Panwa was an amazing experience and was absolutely magical. This was EVEN better.

How to Get here: Naiyang beach is close to the Phuket International Airport and it just takes about 10-15 minutes to get here from the Airport if you take a cab. We took a Cab from our hotel in Panwa and it took us about 45 minutes to reach out hotel.

Where to stay: There are a number of hotels here, most of which offer sea-view rooms. We stayed at the Naiyang Marriot beach resort. Here are some of the pics:


Picture Credits: Marriot and the rest of the pictures are our own

The Vibe at NaiYang Beach: Uumm. Let me try and put words to it. Naiyang beach has a vibe that is a mix of amazing people with warm smiles, travelers from all over the world enjoying surf n turf at outdoor cafes, a lot of fruit stalls on the street offering delicious fruits and . There are a number of cafes on the beach and you can rent out mats and mattresses and even take a nap on the beach in the afternoon.

Here are some of our pictures from Naiyang beach:

Eating at NaiYang: 

If you are a non-vegetarian and enjoy sea food, this place will be like a food-heaven for you. There are so many restaurants that have surf n turf and I have only asked people about the taste( because I am  vegetarian) and all of them say that seafood is Thailand is Bomb!

There are a number of options for vegetarians also and we even found an Indian restaurant here. There are a number of Italian places and all of them have nailed their pizzas and pastas. Our favorite was Dolce La Vita. You could also try Thai cuisine and the very famous Mango sticky rice. Also, the fruits and coconuts in Phuket are so fresh and so delicious. We had coconut water everyday after we had tried it once, because it was so delish!

Things to DO: 

  1. Relax & watch Sunsets: Rent a mat, grab a beer and just relax and watch sunsets.
  2. Horse ride: Okay! Riding a horse is fun and Riding a Horse on the beach at sunset: Bollowood 😀
  3. Water Sports: 18360734_10155125589976166_49618783_n
  4. Rent a Scooty and explore: This is the best way to explore phuket. Rent a bike from any of the beaches or ask your hotel to arrange one. They are easy to get, cost you about 350 THB (700 INR) for a day and all you need is your licence (although no one will ever ask you for it). We explored the nearby villages set amidst lush green mountains(untouched forests)


Naiyang was absolutely beautiful and we would love to go again soon! 🙂

Thanks for reading. See you next time! 🙂


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