Make freebies that Convert

Make freebies that Convert

Trying to grow your Email list seems to be the hardesh thing ever, right?

We have been there. And for some businesses it might not be that important, but then for most businesses or blog, it is crucial. And getting your first 500 Email subscribers might seem like an impossible task to do.

We are not going to tell you it’s easy. We don’t like sugar coating things. But it is possible. Yes. Very much so.

And if you have been trying to grow your mailing list, you might know the basics of how to go about it, right! In case you haven’t started yet, we recommend checking out the post on how to get started with email marketing and then coming back to this post.

So now that we know what email marketing is all about, we just need to execute the plan. And for that we need a killer freebie as we mentioned in STEP 2 of this post. A freebie that converts lies at the core of email marketing. because you can type the most amazing emails and newsletters but if you have no one to send them to, it’s all pointless, right!

And you want people who are genuinely interested in the type of content you post, otherwise the opening rate will be so bad that it will again become irrelevant.

So, in order to attract and convert the right reader in a subscriber, you need a hook. Yes we just called the freebie a hook. Because that’s what it us. People need something that they find value in, in order to subscribe to the mailing list.

So what’s the big deal? Make a Freebie Already!

And while yes, making a freebie is not that difficult. specially with all the apps that we have these days. What’s difficult is making a freebie that converts. And we are here to break it down for you:

STEP 1: Understand your audience:

We can not stress this enough. Because if you do not understand who the audience is, you will never be successful in creating a freebie that converts. And the reason is simple. Let’s say we usually write about relationships and people who read the blog are interested in that topic and then we create a freebie “An Ebook to grow your mailing list”.

Do you think our audience would be interested in that? We think not.

So understanding your audience is important. And think of it from their perspective. Think about what kind of freebies they would be interested in and find value in. A great way to understand this is simply by asking your audience “Why do they follow you or read your blog?”

This way you will get a good understanding of what your audience wants to see from you and you will be able to work from there.

STEP 2: Do your research & Put in efforts:

Now that you have decided on what freebie you want to make, it is important that you make a really good one. Do your research well and the most important part is that the audience should find it valuable.

I have seen people giving away printables that is just a to-do list format. One single page. Can you believe that.

We however, believe that if you are giving away something and asking for email id, it should be a good one. Something that you have put your efforts in. I mean printables are still good, but make it a good, well researched one.

While deciding we also always think if it could just be a blog post instead. Like tips to start your email marketing and getting your first 500 subscribers could very easily be an e-book that we can use as a printable, but we choose to keep it a blog post because we feel that before you ask for mail ids it is important that you audience knows that you write valuable stuff.

Same goes for creating courses too. Before you could sell a course, you do a lot of free trainings and webinars, right? It works exactly like that. The audience and the readers have to see some value first.

That’s why we always recommend content upgrades as freebies, because it is a classic. So you write a blog post packed with value and then provide a content upgrade that adds further value to it. Like we wrote a blog post all about how we schedule content for the blog and then offer our content schedule planner as a freebie as a content upgrade.

Step 3 : Make it Irresistible:

Make a freebie that is tough to say no to. And usually the freebies that readers find irresistible to say no to are the one in which the find value or a solution to a problem.

The ideal way to make a blogpost or a landing page for a freebie is by explaining the problem at hand and then offering your freebie as a solution to that said problem.

There are no said rules when it comes to this, but generally it goes something like this:

Introduce a Problem. Aggravate the situation. We always use first person dialogues because it feels more like a conversation. This is also great as it helps the reader relate to the situation more. And then when the reader is vested in finding a solution, introduce the solution. Tell us about how you have been successful with it and nicely ask for the mail id in exchange for the valuable freebie.

And it works because the reader now understands how you are providing a solution and how it valuable for them.

There you go, ready to make your clcik worthy freebies yet?


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