Love at first sight?

Love at first sight?

We had been chatting on Facebook and Whatsapp for a long time, you know, flirting here and there. And because our parents knew each other and we KNEW each other since childhood, it was a little complicated because somewhere in our hearts we both knew that if we start dating and if things go forward, we could never go back. But then, we also knew(somewhere deep in our hearts) that we want it to go forward and we both had that feeling that this is it. But we hadn’t met each other yet, not since childhood.

Nitin was working in Pune and he was planning on coming to Delhi. He had already told me all about his friends and he had all these plan to meet everyone of them.

I teased him “you have all these plans, do you think you’ll have time to met me?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll set out one evening specially for you.”

“Oh! you will?”

“Yes. In fact I’ll meet you the day I come to Delhi.”

“Okay then! See you soon.*blushing & counting the number of days in my head,before I get to meet him*

And finally that day comes when he is to come to Delhi. I get ready finally (only after changing my outfit 12 times) and I take the metro because we decided to meet at the Metro only. So there I was, waiting for him at the Metro station and looking around to find his face among hundreds of people that get down at Huda City Centre. And then I see him walking towards me( He had already spotted me) and he comes up to me with this big smile on his face and says


“How tall are you!?” *In my head I am thinking that ‘okay! he is as cute as he looks in his pics’ and also’why couldn’t have I said hello like a normal person’*

AND from there we went on chatting and talking about a zillion things. We used to always talk about how we do not have a picture together and that we will click one when we meet. But we got so lost in our conversations that we only clicked our first pic together, when we met for 5th or 6th time.

Now, we often talk about how we fell for each other and when did we realize that we loved the other person. I used to think it was love at first sight (sounds very Bollywood, I know) but later I found myself going back in time, thinking about our never-ending conversations and trying to figure out, when did I fall in love with this person?


I guess it was somewhere between our long late night conversations where Nitin made my heart skip a beat for the first time. Rest is what they call history!




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