Life Threatening Deadlines !!!

Life Threatening Deadlines !!!

No am not going to talk about the office here, but we husbands do got a boss at home as well, giving us deadlines for everything and anything. πŸ˜€

Well it does start with a subtle order wrapped in a request like material. Then gradually the intensity increases because we tend to forget? No! because we are in a habit of working as per the deadlines. If we are asked to do something we say yes will do. But then we don’t. We keep on doing stuff but not that stuff which was asked. Although the stuff which was being done was also asked at some point of time but not that specific one which is being pointed at right now. See its an infinite loop. No winning here!

So the beautiful one got tired of my behavior and gave a deadline. It did ease my daily suffering of knowing that I didn’t do something today which I had to. Now I had a day far away and being the over-confident self that I had always been, I kept on marching without a worry. The day came and with the day came loads of other work. I cursed myself and remembered her face. A smile ran through my lips. That’s what her presence does in my life.

I do laugh when she acts like a teacher, scolding me for not completing my work and then finally setting a deadline for it. Its terrible laughing at such a time, I got lucky to have a wife who bears with it. She always says I never take her deadlines seriously.

I don’t know if I do take the deadlines seriously or not.

I do know I can’t bear the disappointment in her heart.


Till I write again, be seeing you πŸ™‚




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