Just something I Hate

Just something I Hate

Who here loves doing laundry? No One? I thought so. In Tonking household, we absolutely hate laundry, mostly because just when you finish doing all of it, it starts piling up again.

I have no idea why and how. All I know is that it is a real pain in my ass and it seems to be never-ending. But to make things easier, we like to divide and conquer. We like splitting up tasks and getting them done (mostly on the weekends). This makes life so much easier except when it doesn’t.

You know how there is one person in all the marriages who always finds something else to do when you are both supposed to do some chore together? Either they HAVE a very important work mail that they need to take care of right at that moment, or they need to go to the washroom and if they can’t come up with any other excuse, they get a headache?

If you thought about your other half, you know what I am talking about. And just like every other marriage, in our marriage also there is one such person.

AND that person is me. Surprised? Or maybe shocked because for once I am not complaining about Nitin!? Well, You know what I do best when I am not complaining about Nitin? Boast about myself, about how much smarter I am than Nitin. And I am not usually this person, let me be very clear. I only do this when the task at hand is “Laundry”. 

And NO, I do not mean dirty laundry. I mean clean laundry. YES, that’s not impossible. In fact, I like dirty laundry more than I like clean washed laundry just because dirty laundry just needs to be put in the wash and your work is done, but clean laundry is the real evil. You have to iron, fold and then organise everything in its right place. And folding laundry is one thing that I despise with every fibre of my being. I don’t understand people who love doing laundry. And when I say that, I mean my husband too. Nitin loves folding washed and clean laundry and takes great pride in his folding skills. I am also always there cheering him on and making him think that I am grateful for having a husband who loves folding, while in fact, I am just thankful that I don’t have to do it. Okay, maybe I am a little grateful as well. But a few days back, all my happiness (from not having to fold clean laundry) was shattered when Nitin asked me if we should do it together!

I told him “I don’t know how to fold laundry. My parents never taught me.” ( Sorry MOM 😛 )

To which he replied “Oh come on, we both know that’s not true.”

ME: “It Could be true” (channelling Mr Heckles from FRIENDS, you know if you know)

Nitin: “Okay, come, I will teach you”

ME: “UUMM Hello! I don’t want to leanr. learning means I will have to do it from the next time

And it goes on..

In my defense, I was not entirely wrong. Whenever I start doing a chore, I become so obsessed with it. And then every time I do it, I have to do it in a more efficient way. Not that I am a perfectionist, but I have no chill. And when I put my mind to something, I prefer just getting it done and striking it off my to-do list. Procrastination is not for me (on most days, other days I couldn’t be bothered). And even if it is something that Nitin is supposed to do, if I get my hands on some tasks, I will get it done before he even gets a chance to. I know I am crazy and that’s exactly why I did not want to put another chore on my mind. Already I am pretty close to a mental breakdown these days because there is just so much to do. I keep adding new things to my running to-do list and it seems far from “done”. Every time I strike something off, I think of 4 new things to add to it and it is a complete mess. So Do I need another big task on that list? I think NOT. Thank you very much.

Does Mr Husbandman has too much on his list? I would rather not say because then you guys would think “Oh there she goes! Complaining Again!?” So I will just leave it at that.

See you tomorrow 🙂



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