Its not just India Gate!!!

Its not just India Gate!!!

Rides to India Gate have always been special for me.

I have been to this place so many times that if India Gate had soul, it would have started recognizing me by now and would be greeting me with a smile every time. Or may be it does have a soul!

I grew up watching it, from Republic Day Parade to family picnics, playing in the lush green grasses around it. It has plenty to offer each time you visit. I have been there on my birthday, on a new year, after a friend’s wedding, when Delhi received the first rain of the season, during night, at day time, at sunrise, at sunset and the place always brings a smile and calm. It’s forever refreshing.

It is one happy place for me in this maddening city called Delhi. I started working 6 years back in Gurgaon. Being a startup company, there was a lot of grilling and working hours averaged easily around 14. I used to start at around 9 in the morning and would be lucky to be free around 10 in the night. So if it was a lucky day I would celebrate it by having an ice cream at India Gate and if it was not a lucky day then around midnight I would make it better by having an ice cream at India Gate. It had become a Mecca for me and for my brothers who I made at work. This went on for about an year and a half before I went to Pune. But I have returned again to the city a year back and so has the madness of going there and having an ice cream or two 😉

The roads around it are so good that it is easily the best area for those who like to move out for a drive. Then to add to outing there are ice cream vendors, namkeen hawkers, chuski/gola wala and you will never be alone no matter what the clock points at.

Leaving you with some of the pics of the place 🙂


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  1. Virender singh
    November 20, 2017 / 12:13 pm

    The great INDIA GATE seems to be a soul in a body called GREAT INDIA
    Beautifully presented by my proud you

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