It happened!! Finally!! 😊

It happened!! Finally!! 😊

Hey guys,

Thank you for reading our blogs and giving your feedback. It means a lot to us! 🙂

So when we started this blog, we were kind of experimenting and writing about things that a lot of our friends ask us about our relationship. It started out as a way to pass time but we both got really involved in this blog. So we started thinking that it’s time we start taking this seriously.  And believe me I had to almost blackmail nitin into doing so. (Just kidding) But really, we both thought that we were ready to take this more seriously from now on, which means having a proper post schedule and a whole lot of blogposts.

Now we are still working on the schedule but will finalise that soon. But what happened is, that we bought this domain name! So from now on you can find us at instead of

Now this is huge for us! And we are still working on the design and the theme but yea we are getting there! Just wanted to share it with you guys.

Keep watching this space, a lot of exciting things are coming!




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