Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Instagram Hashtag Strategy

We love Instagram. Not even kidding. We love how visual this platform is and how people have jumped on the platform to share their passions, unlike any other social media platform out there. You can see content creators in all the categories. It is amazing to see people share their content and creativity with their followers. And we especially love this platform because it is so visual. Oh Did we already say that? Can’t stress this enough.

You see, Instagram is a fun platform. It gives people a place to showcase their creativity & how they see the world. But gone are the days when Instagram was just a fun platform. It is now a place for content creators some of whom make their full time living from this platform. And there are many others who are still trying to grow their audience and accounts to be “influencers”. Not I hate this term called “Influencers” but that’s what most people want to achieve through the platform these days. And we’ll talk about my hate for the word “Influencer” In another post, let’s talk about engagement.

People who have business profiles on Instagram and are looking to work for brands and paid sponsorships, numbers are all that matter right now. Be it their follower count on instagram or the number of likes and comments they get on each post. Numbers are the only criteria in which a brand sees how much “influence” you have. And you are paid accordingly. But Instagram keeps changing their algorithm and last year, the algorithm was changed again.

Engagement for almost everyone tanked.

Everyone saw the likes and comments going down and it was all a part of Instagram new strategy because they want people to put more money in paid advertising. And while that’s a different story altogether, let’s talk about what you can do to improve your engagement. While a lot of people suggest and still do the follow-unfollow strategy, we say that’s total BS and so irritating for people on the receiving end. Also, you are wasting your time that you could instead spend in creating good content. And in learning ways that actually work like the hashtag strategy.

By now, I am sure everyone knows how hashtags work and that you can only use 30 per post. Now a lot of people have various speculations on how to go about your hashtag strategy, but we are here to tell you a strategy that has worked for us. And a strategy that has helped us triple our reach and almost double our Engagement. And we have managed to apply it to almost all the posts that we share now. The results that you see below speak for themselves. On the top is our insights a while back when we were not using this strategy and on the bottom is our reach by using this strategy.

So here goes:

Use 30 Hashtags: While a lot of people say don’t use 30, Instagram considers it spammy, we say YOGT: You Only Get Thirty. Use them all. Hashtags are probably the easiest way to reach more people with your posts.Now how you will use the tags and what tags to use will be your strategy and we will lay it out for you.

Hashtag MIX:

Okay this is probably the most important part when it comes to your strategy. While selecting the hashtags you want them to be a good mix of highly populated, medium and low populated hashtags. Highly populated are the ones that have millions of posts or let’s say more than 500k posts each. The Medium ones are the one which have about 100-500k posts per hashtag. And then the low populated ones are ones that have lower than 100k posts. But don’t go as low as 100 posts. These hashtags are pretty much useless.

Why such a mix?

Well, the number os posts in each hashtag tells you the popularity of each tag. Now for tags that have millions of posts, the chances of people finding your post is lower specially if you have a small following. So you want a good mix of all the categories in order to get a chance at maximum reach for your post.

Should I repeat My hashtags?

Let’s say you have a travel account like we do. The best strategy is to have a few sets of 20 hashtags to be repeated and then use 10 tags according to the location where you clicked the picture. Now that doesn’t mean that you should repeat these 20 hashtags in every picture, because that is in fact considered spammy. But it is always good to have this list handy for you to select the tags from.

Which hashtags to not use?

We bet you didn’t know that there are some hashtags that are banned from Instagram. Even hashtags that seem quite harmless like beautyblogger, fitnessgirls etc. Using these hashtags can lead to your account being penalised. So in order to avoid these hashtags, it’s always a good idea to have a general idea of which hashtags are banned. Here is a list in case you are curious.

Should I use hashtags according to post?

Yes. Always yes. And by saying “According to post”, we mean that you need to put hashtags that are relevant. If you are putting up a picture from a beach then using hashtags like #mountaingirl doesn’t make any sense. Whenever we put a picture, instagram knows what the picture is about because of its AI. So putting relevant hashtags tells Instagram that you are not trying to spam and are not violating any community guidelines.

And that is all that you need to know about the hashtag strategy. It is that simple and it works. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here telling you this. If you want to understand how the Instagram algorithm works, we recommend checking out our detailed post on Instagram Algorithm. If you have any questions for us, leave them down below 🙂 Or find us on

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