I never thought this would happen

I never thought this would happen

SO!! There is someone else in Nitin’s life.

Let me just put it out there.

I know this is huge and I wanted to share this with you all and I was thinking of writing this post for quite some days now but I just couldn’t find the time to write this until now. SO there is someone else in Nitin’s life. And before making it sound life he is cheating on me ( or maybe I already made it sound like that), let me tell you who it is!

This guy!

Cute right?

See this face!

And this came as a surprise to me. I mean, obviously I had been asking Nitin to get a pet since like forever. I love pets. I had a cat when I was in school and I wanted a pet with Nitin ever since we got married. I used to ask him that we should get a puppy and he would start licking my face and tell me that he is my puppy. This went on for quite some time and then i started with my new job and this was sidelined, because we were already in different cities and were just hoping to be in the same city once and for all. So after I came to Delhi(finally) we started reconsidering getting a pet.

And of course everyone kept telling us how pets are messy and they require a lot of attention and how it is a big responsibility.But! let me tell you, Nitin finally decided to surprise me with a puppy and we finally got this puppy a few days before Christmas. AND he is the cutest thing ever, I mean after you Nitin! 😛

So how is t going so far?
Here are some pictures:

Oh but it is not all fun and play, we are potty training him but for now he goes anywhere he feels like going! he is still cute though! it is just that I can’t put those pictures here! Just so you know, everyone who said that dogs are a lot of work, they were right. At least puppies are a lot of work and a big responsibility and we didn’t really think this through and are now making some changes in all our plans so that we can take JOJO along on all our adventures from now on!
What a lucky dog, right?
Just kidding! we’re the lucky ones!

Till next time!



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