I don’t want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like my husband

I don’t want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like my husband

I don’t know who even coined that phrase “sleeping like a baby” because most babies are fussy sleepers and you have to be really careful to not make much noise when a baby is sleeping but sleeping like my husband, now that’s something that is rather exceptional. Something that not every one has the ability to do and something that I sort of really want to master.

Yes, for real.

I guess anyone who knows Nitin well, knows that this guy can SLEEP. And by sleep yes I mean he can sleep for 12 hours straight (if not woken up or disturbed) or maybe even longer (but I can’t really tell because at that point I get annoyed and wake him up). And although I keep telling him that I get bored when he is sleeping till late on the weekends, I am mostly jealous. I wish I could sleep like that. In my mind I am usually going “How can a person sleep so much? How does one learn this amazing amazing art of sleeping?”

And more importantly how can one sleep through almost everything? We do not have an inverter at our present house and there is no real need as well, because there are no electricity cuts, but there was one last weekend and I woke up all drenched in sweat. But that was not the worst part, the worst part was seeing that Nitin was still sleeping, that really made my blood boil ( or maybe it was the heat; but I think it was mostly my jealousy getting the best of me).

And this wasn’t just this one incident when that happened and I feel like I should maybe share a couple more because I am a reasonable woman. I have reasons for almost everything. Let’ begin with this vietnam story (which is my go-to whenever I am ranting about Nitin’s sleeping patterns) where Nitin slept for some 18 hours (with a half hour break in between to eat). I am not even exaggerating. We got to Ninh-bin, Vietnam after some 24 hours of travelling and all we both wanted was to sleep, and we did. But I woke up around 7 P.M. in the evening after aboout 7 hours of sleep and after all my efforts to wake nitin up, I accepted my defeat and went to go grab some dinner for both of us. And Ninh-binh is a quaint little village and I searched for a restaurant, walked till there in the rain, got the food and brought it to our room, woke Nitin up again, only this time he did wake up. He ate, we talked for a bit and dozed off again, and woke up next morning around 9. And I am the kind of person who has no chill in their life, so whenever we go somewhere I want to explore, roam around and while also wants to do all these things but only after he has had a good sleep.

And then there was this one weekend when Nitin slept for 12-13 hours each day and was really happy that we spent the weekend so well, while I on the other hand was complaining how we got nothing done the entire weekend. And I even made smoothies both mornings in hopes that the noise from the nutribullet will wake him up, but did that really happen? NO.

And I realise it is so weird that I keep track of such things, but when something (someone) makes you so jealous, you can’t help but remember such stuff. I keep telling him about all the articles that I keep reading that 7-8 hours of sleep is perfect for adults and if you sleep as long as 12 hours you wake up feeling tired and even more sleepy. But does he ever listen to me? NO.

Same is with taking naps. I for one, hate taking naps during the day because I feel like I am losing that time from my day, while Nitin is the NAP QUEEN. He loves his naps and that’s again something that I can’t really do or enjoy. And I know a lot of you might think that it’s funny that I hate naps and I get it. In fact, it would be great if I can learn to just relax, chill and take more naps. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon and hence the rant.

Just realised that posting this on a friday is probably not the best idea because now Nitin will read this blogpost and tell me that he will teach me the art of sleeping over the weekend(even more reasons for Nitin to spend the entire weekend sleeping) What am I getting myself into! But I am not someone who writes a whole post and then waits to post it when the time is right, so here goes. I shall report back on monday 😀


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