An Urban Ashram: Howard Sanctuary, Rishikesh

Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world! It is one of those places that connect with you on a deeper Grass-root level. Know what I mean? Anyone who has ever visited this place agrees that there is some mystical spiritual energy at this place. It can be felt in the winds as you cross the Ram Jhula or Laxman Jhula or in the prayers by the holy river Ganga. We recently spent a few days in Rishikesh and it was exactly what we needed to rejuvenate before getting back to our busy schedules.

While looking for a place to stay, we wanted to stay somewhere that was peaceful and quaint. But we are not the kind of people who can sit at one place for a long time, so we did not want to be far from the main city either. It was then that we chanced upon Howard Sanctuary Rishikesh, and it turned out that this place was exactly what we needed.

Howard Sanctuary is 20 minutes from the main city and is situated on the banks of a tributary to Ganga, Absolute bliss.

Getting there:

Rishikesh is about 5 hours from Delhi and that makes it perfect for a weekend getaway. Howard Sanctuary is about 9 kms from the main centre where the temples are and you have to cross the Neelkanth Bridge to get there. one you reach the Geo tag, you have to go down a dirt trail for 10minutes, which goes through a small little village, to reach the property, which makes the experience even better. It is best of both worlds if you ask us.

Walking through the greenery to reach the property

One moment you could be in Rishikesh exploring the temples and the cool cafes and within 20-30 mins you can escape it all and be sitting in your balcony enjoying the view and the sound of the stream.

About the Property:

It is a relatively new property and the rooms are very well done. The use of a lot of repurposed wood and concrete adds a rustic charm. The balcony looks out in the valley and has views of the majestic Himalayas. There are about 20 rooms and we love the fact that it does not look like a commercialised hotel at all. All the rooms are uniquely designed and offer great views of the Himalayas.

Sipping tea in the Balcony: Fav thing to do
Views from our Balcony at Howard sanctuary, Rishikesh
Evenings at Howard Sanctuary, Rishikesh

The entire property is built with wellness at the core and focuses on yoga and wellness courses along with international levels of hospitality. The offer Yoga retreats to help you understand the yogi way of life and also offer sightseeing tours and trekking tours. You can also partake in the daily yoga activities and the guided meditation sessions.

Yoga and meditation Hall
Welcome with Tilak and a tulsi Garland, embracing the spiritual side at Howard Sanctuary, Rishikesh

What we liked:

The Balcony: We love a good balcony and a balcony that has stunning views of the mountains and a stream flowing, Yes please! And the fact that the balcony is quite big for you to relax and have a great time with your family is a big plus. You could even use it to practice your yoga poses and if you are like us, to have tea accompanied by those views. They make the tea taste 100 times better, we are not even kidding. Also, it is the perfect place to sip on tea and read a good book.

No TV: There is no television in any of the rooms and it is the best thing ever. I (Aprajita) hate going on a vacation and then watching tv. Also, having no television kind of forces you to be more in the moment and spend quality time with the people you are with.

Location: The location is the best part, honestly. It is so quaint and peaceful and yet isn’t too far from the city centre. Also, the fact that it is situated next to a tributary makes it extra special. We took a walk along the stream one evening and it was so beautiful and peaceful.

Aesthetic: The rooms have a rustic charm and a very modern design. a lot of the elements that are used are repurposed wood and concrete which are quite industrial looking and adds to the aesthetic.

Rustic, industrial aesthetic adds to the charm

Food: Their in-house restaurant serves amazing food and honestly to get that good food in the middle of the jungle is amazing. The restaurant has cuisines ranging from Indian to Chinese as well as an in-room menu. They offer vedic meals as well. We really loved the tomato shorba, paneer tikka and Dal tadka, and you highly recommend you to try these out.

Staff: The entire staff is very friendly and went above and beyond to make our trip even more special. Right from the welcome, you can see that they have high standards of hospitality, as they welcome you with a tulsi garland and a Tilak and offer you welcome drinks.

Board Games: This is a huge plus if you are travelling with kids or are just travelling with one other person. They have a wide selection of board games and it makes for a perfect evening with your friends or family. There is also a volleyball net if you prefer that.

Sounds good right? Check out their entire site here.

We are also working on another blog post on our top 10 things to do in Rishikesh. Stay tuned for that!

Till then, Happy Travels!


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