How we Revamp our blogposts

How we Revamp our blogposts

Have your ever looked at your Old blogposts and judged yourself?

We have all been there.

Especially if you have had the blog for a couple of years. We totally get that desire to delete some of those blogposts that make you cringe now. But, Don’t!

Seriously. Hear us out.

The old posts can actually bring you so much traffic, only if you are ready to put in some work. Think about it. Something that wrote two years back might still be relevant and why throw away a perfectly good framework. Why not revamp it and use it to drive traffic to your blog instead.

We have recently started revamping our Content. And boy, we can’t believe that we were not doing this earlier. Anyway, we are glad we do it now.

And if you are also wondering why & how to revamp your blog Content, continue reading.

Why Revamp the Content?

We use the term revamp loosely, but there are a couple of other things that we do as well. While we love giving the blogposts a facelift, we also repurpose our content time to time.

Why we do it is simple:

  • Provides Value to the Audience without you having to write a New post.
  • Brings in New Blog Traffic
  • Allows you to keep adding more value to the posts as you keep learning more about a topic
  • Improve SEO

How to Revamp Blog Content?

Okay now that you are ready to hear us out and want to revamp your blog content to pull in more traffic to your blog, here is how you can do it. start by answering all these questions for your old blogposts.

Is the Information Still Valid & What more can you Add?

This is the very first thing that we do in old blogposts. firstly check if the information that you gave in a blogpost that you wrote 2 years back still valid or not. Also try and think about what more can you add to the post.

Is there something about the topic that you have learned since writing that post? Is it going to add some value to the existing post? Then go ahead and add the new information that you have learned. It keeps the content updates and is also great for SEO because google loves long form blogposts.

Has your Writing Style changed?

If you have been blogging for more than a year and if you have been consistent, chances are your writing style has changed. Maybe you have become more aware of the grammar that you use, or maybe you have started using smaller paragraphs to make reading easier.

Revamping old posts is a good opportunity for you to change the content. Go ahead and take your time to divide the long paragraphs in short ones to improve the overall readability score of your blog. You can also and all proper headings and structure the blogpost in a better way to improve the SEO Score.

Meta Description & Slug:

We can’t even begin to tell you how much this helps. When we just started blogging we never cared about the Meta Description or the slug. If you still think we are speaking in a foreign language, let us explain. Meta Description is the excerpt or summary that you see under the search results when you search google. And Slug is what appears in the address bar after your site name.

Both of these are great ways to make your blog more SEO friendly and while you are giving the old posts a facelift. So make the changes and make SEO work for you. If you are interested in learning more about SEO for Blog, we have a detailed post as well. Check it out here.

Have any other Related posts?

This one is super important to boost the traffic and page views. If you have a post that you wrote some time back but then you have written some related posts that you think the reader might also be interested in, add their links in the original post. It is a great way to increase the page views and number of sessions but is also great for the SEO because the interlinking of posts lets google know that you write relevant content and thus helps with your SEO score.

Do you like the photos in Old Blogposts?

Changing photos in old Blogposts is such an easy way to revamp the content. We never knew we could use high quality beautiful stock photos in our blog, so we always used whatever photos we had. But now that we know we can use royalty free beautiful stock photos, we think it is such a good way to revamp the old posts. It also makes your blog look more professional. These are all the places where you can find royalty free high quality images to use in your posts.

Have you Joined an Affiliate Network?

Chances are that you have joined a new affiliate network ever since you wrote a particular blogpost. So go ahead and all the affiliate links to earn the extra income that you were missing out on. We weren’t a part of any affiliate networks when we first started blogging and needless to say, this part is super important if you started out like us.

Make New Pins

Now that you have done all the work and the blogposts looks as good as new, make sure you put it out there on Pinterest. We don’t want to do all the hard work and then have no traffic on these posts, do we?

Also make some new pins for Pinterest.Also, while pinning make sure you re-write the description and change it up a bit. Pinterest algorithm loves new content and making a new pin and changing the description tells Pinterest that this is a new pin. We also take time and schedule these news pins on Tailwind. We use tailwind for pinning on all the group boards. Check out our exact pinning strategy here.

Do it often:

Now that you have seen how revamping of old posts works, we highly recommend that you do this often. We usually do it every 3-4 months. But we have also made a checklist to see that we are not making any mistakes while writing the new blogposts. This checklist basically is our last step before we publish any new blogpost and it helps us be more organised and makes the workflow so much easier because we know as long as we are checking things on the checklist, we are not missing out on something.

If you are interested in the Checklist, Grab a free copy!

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