How to Set Goals For new Year & actually achieve them

How to Set Goals For new Year & actually achieve them

2020 is right around the corner. Can you believe it? We still can’t. A new years always means New Goals. And even though we are firm believers that you do not have to wait to a new year to make the necessary changes and achieve goals in your life, but it is still a wonderful time to start afresh. A new year is always filled with so much energy and hope and this belief that everything is possible.

But you know how some times months pass by without anything substantial taking place? Or how sometimes you feel like you have not gotten better in any way in the last few months. Well, We hate that feeling. And that’s why it is even more important to be more intentional with your time and your Goals.

Being more intentional with your goals and your time helps you achieve your goals and get forward in life. Being intentional simply means being more aware of your actions throughout the day or week, so that you know you are enabling yourself to take your life in the right direction. You know how we all take resolutions each year but then fail to make the necessary changes? Yes, we have been there and because 2020 is here, we are sharing some mindset changes to make it easier to achieve your Goals in the coming year.

1.Write Down your Goals & Make a Vision board:

Are you one of those people who love writing things down? There is something about writing things down that makes them seem more real to us. We always make sure we write our Goals down. Also, if you make just a mental note of the goals that you want to achieve, there is usually no sense of urgency with those Goals, but if you write your goals down and look at them frequently enough, you are more likely to achieve them.

At the beginning of a new year, we make a vision Board. It helps us keep our Goals visual and looking at the vision board everyday helps you to be more intentional with your time and work towards your goals.

But we don’t just stop there, at writing down Goals, we also go ahead and write things that will help us achieve those Goals. Let’s say you want to lose weight, then write down what things will help you achieve that goal. Write down things like “Workout 4-5 times a week, eating healthy etc.

This way you train your mind to see that the goals that you are setting for yourself are actually achievable. On that note, here are all the goals I set for myself in March,2020.

2. Be more Intentional & Accountable:

Having goals is great, but being intentional with your goals is even better. Also it improves your chances of achieving those goals. Being intentional with your goals means knowing why you want to achieve those goals.

If your Goal is “to lose weight”, state your reasons with it. Why you want to lose weight. Maybe it will help you be more confident, or maybe you want to be more healthy, or want to lose weight for a medical condition, whatever it is, write these reasons down. It helps you see the bigger picture of what you will be able to have if you achieve a certain goal.

It also helps if you share these goals with someone, because it keeps you more accountable. Just make sure that whoever you share these with keeps reminding you every now and then and tells you if they think you are not working towards your goals. Ideally tell your best friend or your partner because they are more likely to support you and keep you more accountable.

3. Set your Focus for the day right

Now that you have your Goals, we always try and divide them in actionable smaller goals that we can focus on throughout the day. We start our day by looking at our to-do list and then prioritising our goals.

As the day goes on, we keep checking back on the Goals to see that we are on the right track. Breaking down your big goals into smaller actionable steps to do through the day is also great.

4. Have the right Mindset:

Setting your Goals is easy but actually achieving them, not so much. That’s why having the right mindset is crucial. The most important thing when we talk about mindset is Believing in yourself. So when you list down your Goals, instead of saying “I want to get this work done”, try writing “I will get this work done”. It gives you a sense of confidence and motivates you to actually achieve that goal. It may sound silly to some people but we truly believe that belief is the key to achieving your Goals. And some times changing the tone in which you talk to yourself is going to make all the difference. We certainly see a big difference this this simple trick.

5. Remove inhibitors:

Let’s say your goal next year is to lose weight but all you have in your pantry is junk, processed food. Then this food in your pantry is an inhibitor. And if you are serious about achieving your goals then you have to remove these inhibitors. We would ideally start by cleaning out your pantry of all the junk food, probably donate it to someone who needs it and then go ahead and buy healthy groceries so that you cook more often.

Also download a healthy grocery shopping guide from the internet, they are not that difficult to find or make one yourself. Next step would be to meal prep in advance on a weekend, so that you literally have no excuses to not eat healthy.

6. Identify what skills you need:

This is a step that will be really important for some of the goals that you set for yourself. If one of your goals is to change your line of work and get into another vertical or a new role, then identify what skills you would need for that and then list down what courses or certifications you can do to get closer to achieving your goal.

For example saying “I want to be a graphic designer” is one thing and then actually doing it is different. If you really want to achieve the goal that you have set, it is important that you take the necessary courses to develop the required skillset.

7. Record Progress & Stay Positive:

You have set your goals, and your focus right, now all you have to do is to actually do the work and stay positive. Working towards your goals is a constant effort and it helps if you track your progress time to time. reflect back on how far you have come and then to make the necessary changes that you need to.

It is also a great practise to write in a gratitude journal to see what you are grateful for everyday before you go to bed. This is in fact . apart of our night routine. And t helps you in focussing on the positives rather than the negatives.

Also, at the end of the day, we are all humans and that means that sometimes we fail too. And that’s totally okay. There will be times when you do not achieve the goals that you set for yourself but it is always a great idea to see the progress that you have made and to learn from your mistakes. There is always beauty in realising that sometimes all the matters is that you worked hard towards your goal and the fun was in the journey and the progress. Like if you are trying to lose weight and set a goal weight for yourself but you did not reach that number yet, then shift your perspective and see how far you have come. How much healthier & stronger you are since you started. You get the point right?

So go ahead and smash those Goals. Also, let us know in the comments below, what are some of the goals that you want to achieve?


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