How to save money for travel

How to save money for travel

We love travelling and if you are reading this blog it means that you do too. But let’s be honest here, travelling is expensive. So here are some useful tips that can help you save money for your travels.

  1. Make a Savings Account today: If you do not have a savings account that funds your travels, Get one! And DO NOT use it for any other purposes.
  2. Cut out on Expenses: Okay so imagine these scenarios: Having pizza at your local pizza shop or having pizza in Italy with views like this.

    Cinque Terre, Italy

    You have to make some sacrifices and this won’t be easy but let us assure it will be worth it. Stop eating/Drinking out if you need to save some extra bucks. We all know that the same booze costs a lot more when you drink at bars/pubs. But cutting on expenses doesn’t mean you stop having a life at all. Do things in moderation and budget everything out.

  3. Every penny counts: Put your skills to good use and try n take up some freelancing work. It will help you make some extra bucks and you’ll be on your way to explore new places sooner. 
  4. Re-think your Expenses: If you are renting an apartment all by yourself, you should consider getting a roommate as it cuts your rent by half. You could also live with your parents and save that rent altogether. You should rethink about what do you want more: To TRAVEL or to have an amazing apartment that takes a major chunk of your monthly income.
  5. Consider taking up a job while travelling: If you’re planning on travelling for months consider taking up part time jobs here n there. Put your skills to good use and learn some new skills say bartending, writing guest blogs.
  6. Do your Research: Travelling to a new country and planning for the same can be a little intimidating and quite expensive especially if you have a zillion things you want to see and you end up taking a cab to all these places. Plan your itinerary well. With time you will learn what places do you really want to see and which places are worth skipping. 
  7. Stay at Hostels/ Homestays: There are a number of options for hostels and homestays, be sure to check them out while planning. Consider getting a youth hostel member in India only as it much less expensive then getting it abroad. Consider checking for sites like Couchsurfing and Airbnb to find places that have a kitchen so that you can cook if needed. 
  8. Look out for deals and book in off season: There are a number of deals on various sites like makemytrip and skyscanner from time to time. Be on a lookout for deals on flights and hotels and consider visitng places like GOA in off season when everything is less expensive and beaches are not that crowded.
  9. Choose your travel card wisely: There are numerous travel Credit cards on which you can earn points while booking your tickets/hotels. Compare these cards and choose the one that suits you best. You can later redeem these points for free flights or even upgrading from economy to business class on long flights. 

Share more ways to save for travelling if we missed some. Fell free to like, share and comment. Happy Travelling!


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