How to grow your Mailing List

How to grow your Mailing List

Have you ever heard the phrase “The money is in the list” ?

It is true.

Remember when Instagram was down and people went batshit crazy because their entire life depended on it?

Now imagine having social media as your full time job and then depending so much on one platform, which can go down any time. What next? Where do you go from there?

The number one rule to building a successful business online is “never put all your eggs in one basket.” And while having thousands of followers and being an “influencer” on instagram sounds great, but you don’t own those platforms. And with Instagram’s ever changing algorithm, it is even harder for people to grow on IG.

But the good part is that you have your blog and you can still control a whole lot it, even if things go wrong. And that’s why having a mailing list is so important.

Starting a Email list sounds like a complex process, I Know! I have been in that situation. I did not start my own for about a year after starting my blog and that has to be one of the biggest mistakes I made as a newbie blogger.

In fact a lot of bloggers who are in the game do not have a mailing list and

But Let me tell you, It is so simple and does not take long.


Yes. That’s the simple and straightforward answer to that. Every blog or business owner needs a mailing list. Why?


Email Lists have great Conversion rates: Email marketing is actually one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. Promotional emails sent to a mailing list have about 15-20% conversion rate which is totally insane. Compare that to Instagram or facebook reach. And trying to sell a course on instagram is a different game.

Builds trust & Relationship with Audience: If your readers are willing to give you their email IDs, there is already a factor of trust between you and your readers. And when you send Emails regularly, it also helps build a relationship with your readers.

And having trust and a good relationship with your audience is important because in future, if you want to sell a course or a digital product, these will be the people who will most likely buy it.

Engaged & Targeted Audience: While your readers read your blog, but you can always include some behind the scenes, or stories from your daily life, lessons that you have learned, to make it a bit more personal.

When you share these personal anecdotes, you end up having a more engaged audience, which is at the core of having a successful business.

But what Do I say on Emails?

Think of it as talking to your friends. You do not want to keep sending just product links and doing self promotion on your emails. Focus on building relationships first. Share stories, BTS, so that the readers feel like they know you.

And do not worry too much that you will have to create even more content for the emails. Some pretty neat ideas for content for emails are:

POSTS: You can send a round up of your recent posts that went up since your last email. This gives the readers People who have subscribed to your mailing list are interested in the kind of content that you post on your website and that makes this a pretty common and obvious one. This is such a great way to build up blog traffic as sometimes people might miss your posts.

Freebies:Who doesn’t love freebies, right? If you have a new freebie on your site, make sure it also goes out to readers in your current mailing list so that they don’t feel like they are missing out of stuff. Freebies van be in any form like printables, workbooks, ebooks. If you have no idea what kind of freebies to make for your audience, check out our Ultimate guide to making freebies that your readers are interested in.

Income Reports: Income reports are very personal and not a lot of bloggers do them on their blog these days. Some still do income reports to their mailing lists to keep them updated on how the blog is doing and what seems to be working.

Discount on Products: If you sell any kind of products on your website, sending discount codes specially for those subscribed to your mailing list is a great idea to grow that list. If you sell presets or online courses, offer a 10% discount to your mailing list and you will see the numbers rolling in.

Upcoming webinars & News: These are also just a great way to keep your audience updated. If you are going to be hosting any event, work shops, webinars, update your readers.

How to make an Email List?

Okay so we have convinced you to give it a go. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Sing up with a Email list builder Service:

There are various email service providers, some of which are paid. But we would recommend you start with a free one. And once you get the hang of it, you can always switch to a paid one.

Three providers that are most commonly used are Convertkit, MailerLite, and Mailchimp.

Now, Mailerlite & Mailchimp are both free for your first 1000 subscribers and are good enough to start with.

Of these two I would recommend you start with either. Both are easy to use and there are options for creating beautiful opt-ins, automations and tracking.

With Mailerlite you also have the option of creating drag and drop emails and creating beautiful Landing pages.

However, if you want to go really pro and are ready to invest in your blog, then Convertkit is amazing and is the provider that a lot of big blogs use. And if you are selling products that you need to market through emails, then it is highly recommended.


Freebie is a valuable content that you share with the readers in exchange for their Email.

Gone are the days when readers used to subscribe to blogs from the sidebar(at least that’s the case for small and newer blogs), so you need a piece of content that your audience finds valuable.

A piece of content that you have not shared anywhere else. It could be a small E-book, a workbook, guide, whatever you think will interest your audience enough to give you their email addresses.

Now, creating freebies is easier when you have just one niche and you know what your audience will like. However, if you have blogs on multiple categories and audience is divided, it becomes difficult to create freebies. But it makes sense to make either multiple freebies for each kind of audience, or to make a generic one that most people would be interested in.

How to make freebies that convert?

If you have a question on how to create killer freebies that convert, I have a whole new blogpost on that. Make sure to check it out. But to summarise it, you can use any of the platforms like Canva or Picmonkey.

We use Canva for all the Freebies and Content upgrades that we offer. It is great and the best part is that it is free, and highly customisable.

STEP 3: Also think about Content Upgrades:

Offering Content upgrade is also a great opt-in idea. Content upgrade can be anything that is in addition to the blog post that the reader is interested in. like I have a post on content schedule planner where I explain how I Plan and schedule my blog content, but I also offer a printable workbook towards the end.

It is a great idea because the readers are already invested in that topic. You have explained it well and now it’s time to offer them something extra for that email-id.

Step 4: Market the heck out of it

So you have a Killer freebie to offer to the readers, now you need to focus on is marketing it. And by marketing, we really mean it. It should be everywhere. After all the more readers that visit your blog, the more chances are there to convert them in email subscribers.

And that is not going to happen if no one visits your blog, right. So create pins that make people want to click. Write compelling headlines and makes click-worthy pins.

To get more traffic, we mainly focus on Pinterest and organic search. So you need to focus on optimising your Pinterest and also SEO.

Don’t let the fancy words like SEO overwhelm you. We have been there. But once you start learning and applying it, it is fairly simple. Here is how to get started on SEO for your blog .

And that’s about it. Are you ready to get started on that E-mail list now?

Do not let this post overwhelm you. Building an Email list seems like a daunting task at first but when you start seeing the numbers rolling in and your work paying off, it is quite satisfying.

If you have any questions at all, drop us a comment and we’d be happy to answer them for you.

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