How to Annoy your wife

How to Annoy your wife

Okay so first things first:

Last week I wrote this post Poop time Now about how Nitin spends a lot of time while pooping every morning, mainly because he checks out the entire social media while on toilet. To that post he replied “No, I do not!” And “hahahaha LOL” which honestly speaking are very  annoying answers but I know that he at least read the post; which is a big thing because sometimes he doesn’t read the entire post, which again is very annoying. There are a lot of things about my husband that I find annoying and I know that now that I have started thinking in this direction, there is going to be a list, and I feel that there should be a numbered list,so here we go:

  1. It annoys me when Nitin doesn’t pay attention to what I am saying. It has happened quite a lot of times that I am saying something and Mr. Husbandman is busy in a world of his own, thinking about things that only he knows and when I try to get a reply out of him, he’ll say “hmm”. I know he will say that it happened only ONCE but that is only because he was not paying attention when I was complaining that he doesn’t listen to me. You see how that makes so much sense!
  2. I like how I can talk about anything and everything with Nitin and I love sharing my ideas, dreams and plans/thoughts with him. But it annoys me when he doesn’t do the same. I am sure I can’t be the only one who does this and this is only because husbands all over, all known for not sharing all these thoughts while they will make sure they share the most disgusting details about pooping and what not with you! This brings me to my third point:
  3. I have a very strong sense of smell and Nitin grosses me out by asking me to tell him whether his T-shirt is clean or needs to be washed: BY SNIFFING IT! I tell him that I am not his dog and he always replies “Just tell No! I don’t want to go out wearing a dirty T-shirt.” And he will keep trying to convince me to sniff his clothes unless I leave the room or start throwing his clothes in the laundry bag!
  4. Now that we are already talking about sniffing his clothes and all, there is more to it! On days when he randomly decides to work out because he is feeling very motivated and inspired, he will workout and then come to hug me or kiss me when he is all sweaty! And it goes without saying that I push him away every single time. Then he tries to emotionally blackmail me “How he did this amazing work out and so many push-ups n all and he deserves that hug” ; but it almost never works because I can be a cold-hearted  person at times!
  5. A few weeks back we were watching prison break and each episode is about 45 minutes and I am not kidding when I tell you that Nitin made me watch so many episodes in a go that I got sick of the season and was desperately waiting for the final episode to finish so that I can get a good night’s sleep. He literally made me watch some of the episode when I was half asleep!
  6. Oh this brings me to another point. Nitin loves clicking my pictures BUT only when I am sleeping. I find almost all of them really weird and funny (he finds them cute or whatever!) What really annoys me is for a person who loves taking my pictures when I am asleep,  he doesn’t care much for the times when I am awake. Sometimes when we are travelling somewhere and I want him to take those “CANDID” pictures, he will be busy looking at a cloud!
  7. I am not a person who usually throws a fit, but when I do it is  because I am irritated and deeply annoyed with Nitin. And it is mainly because he can not take a hint as to when I am mad at him and even if I try telling him that I was really mad at him just 5 minutes before( YEA! I have to be very vocal about it at times! ), he will just laugh it out! Seriously this is what the conversation goes like:

“I was really mad at you, Nitin!”


“When I was trying to tell you not to irritate me more”

“Oh! You were mad at me? I found it cute. I thought you were just being dramatic!”


I feel like this list is endless because Nitin keeps finding new ways to annoy me everyday and I will never be able to list them all, which by the way is ANNOYING! (No points for guessing that last word!)

Till next time!




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