How it all started

How it all started

ryTravel, revel, live!

Get level with the one life you have got.

Think about the miles covered in green, think about the aurora lights, think about the ice and think about the sand.

Think about everything beautiful you have ever seen or dream to see it with your own eyes.

Can you think of it without thinking of that one person you want to be by your side, possibly not.

Or for few it might be a possibility. For me it’s not!

There is no single party place, eatery, chai shop, beach or glacier which I like and where I would like to go alone.

Whether in quiet or in boom, I have to have her by my side.

I have been to places which I found immensely pleasing, everybody does.

When we leave from there, we say .. “we are definitely coming back here again” and we go.

We feel that connection with the place. It loves us and we love it back.

I look back at all such places which have loved me and I so wish to take her back in time with me, those places.

But that we cannot do in this present life or in present time.

So, I decided to take her there. Not back in time but whenever possible to those places.

Oh, I love those places a lot more now. So many stories, so many laughs and love!

It’s true we enjoy a lot more when we have the right company to share this life with, to travel the distance with.

We both wanted to write.

We both wanted to travel.

We both wanted to do so many things.

We became we!



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