About us

Hey Guys!

Welcome to our blog and thank you for stopping by.

We are Aprajita and Nitin Tonk, a couple from India who is madly in love with travel, food and of course each other. We have been travelling together ever since we got married in February, 2017. Tonking around is a blog where we document our travels, experiences, everything that goes behind the scenes and also anecdotes from our daily life. One look at the blog and you will be able to tell that Aprajita is the dramatic one and Nitin is still wondering what has he gotten himself into.

Why TonkingAround?

Well, we were thinking about names for our website. We wanted something a bit personal but something that was also about travel and our life. Since are Aprajita and Nitin “Tonk”, we came up with the name Tonking Around and we kind of liked the idea and the sound of the name and here we are! 🙂

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