For the peace of Mind and Soul: Panwa, Phuket

For the peace of Mind and Soul: Panwa, Phuket

Hello Everyone!

We wish we were in Phuket today. It is paradise on earth and you can not go to Phuket just once in your life, you will definitely want to go again. If you are planning to go to Phuket, Thailand; deciding which beaches to go to can be a daunting task. There are so many beaches, some are quite famous and touristy, which are very crowded like Patong beach and the others are magical like the Panwa Beach. It is not that these famous beaches are not beautiful, they are but if you are someone who is looking for peache and quiet, the panwa beach might be just the right choice for you.

18318815_1554993011178481_154948947_o (1)How to get there: 

You could either rent a self driven car from the Phuket International Airport or you could just take a cab. The rental car will cost you about 1000 THB, if you haggle a little. They usually start at 1200-1400THB; and the cab will cost you about 700-800 THB. It is a 65-70 mins drive from the Airport. But it is worth it.

Where to stay: 

There are a number of resorts here. We stayed at the Mangroove Panwa Resort which turned out to be a perfect choice. We wanted to stay there longer and wished we hadn’t booked the itinerary before coming.

#TIP: Keep a buffer of 1-2 days between bookings, so that you can extend your stay at a place that you really like. 

Things to do: 

  1. Rent a bike: We rented a bike from our hotel. It costed us 300 THB for a day and we ended up renting it each day we were there. Our favorite thing to do was to ride around on our little bike, breathing in fresh air and taking pictures. On the drive up to the Cape Panwa,the views are so breathtaking, you will want to stop every few minutes.
  2. Visit Phuket old town: The Phuket old town is just about 7-8 kms from the Panwa beach resorts. So drive down to soak in the cultural part of phuket.You can go there in the evening and spend hours walking around the streets. There are so many interesting shops for shopping and eating. Every street has a very different ambience though, so soak in the culture and try out the mango sticky rice.
  3. Go to the Cape: Ride your bike to the Cape Panwa and enjoy the day on beautiful secluded beaches.

    We were the only people on this beach. Oh! except for a dog 😛 


  4. If you want to do a few touristy things on your trip, Visit Promthep Cape, go to the Windmill view point and the big buddha. The views are beautiful and you will definitely want to stay longer. windmill-viewpoint-2281890_1920
  5. Take a Day cruise: You could book a Day cruise or you could ask your hotel reception to book one for you. These cruises take you to a number of islands but these are generally very crowded. The views are still gorgeous though. thailand-1896796_1920

Eating and Drinking in Panwa: 

There are a number of restaurants here. These include a number of seafood restaurants and a lot of Italian restaurants that serve amazing wooden oven pizzas. We even found an Indian Restaurant and it had pretty decent food. Also, the views are so nice that you will like the food even more.

You could buy Alcohol and beer from the local supermarkets: Seven-eleven. They have a number of international brands, but the local brands like Singha and Leo are also good.

Here are some of our pics:

Where to go next?  

Now if you are restless and can’t wait to go to the next place, there are a number of beaches you could go to, We chose the NaiYang Beach. We will share all about that in another blog.

See you! 🙂




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