Fair and Lovely? NAH! Round and Ugly!

Fair and Lovely? NAH! Round and Ugly!

Okay, so before you think I am going to rant about how people are racists and quote something like “I am not fair, but I am still Lovely”, NO! I am not gonna do that. I probably should because seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? But let’s leave that for some other day because I think I shouldn’t do that on a Tuesday, there are still 3 days left in this week and we don’t really need that kind of rant today.

Today, it just me sharing these daily bites from our married life, with you guys. So the thing is when we were Dating, I kept asking Nitin what is the secret? Why doesn’t he  look his age and how does he takes care of his skin? Why are his cheeks so shiny? One of my cousins even came up to me on our wedding day as the groom side arrived and as she saw his cheeks, she came up to me and asked me “Why are Jiju’s cheeks so shiny?” And I can tell you all now, He uses Fair and Lovely! Yeah! It is funny, I mean funny when you first hear it but I think it’s okay. He has been using this even since he was little.

But of course this is not what this blog is about. To start off, let me tell you a weird random fact about myself. I actually don’t like if something gets over in the middle of the week, so if on a Sunday, I think something will get over in the next 1-2 days, I simply toss it in the bin. I know it might sound crazy, but Yea that is something that I admit I do. This Sunday, during one of these cleaning frenzies, I found one of his fair and lovely cream tubes in one of our washrooms. It was almost finished and I was on a cleaning mode that day. So, off in the bin it went. I felt accomplished that I have cleaned that washroom.

The next day Nitin asks me “Do you know where My fair and lovely is?”

I didn’t think it was such a a big deal and I simply told him that I threw that one because it was almost over. And the next second Nitin makes this round angry face. He never really gets angry with me(at least he never says anything) but he sure makes this face where his cute face gets rounder( I don’t know how that is possible). But yes his face gets rounder, smile fades away and his eyes tell me that I have done something that I shouldn’t have.

So I tell him “Babe, it was almost over.”

“It would have lasted me a long time! You know how little cream I use. I had een using that one from a few months now and it would have lasted me at least one more month” He said.

“What’s the big deal? I will get another one?”

And what am I supposed to use till then?”

“Here. Use My moisturizer.”

“But I like fair and lovely.”

* I literally had to forcefully apply my moisturizer on his face* ( I married a baby)

And from then I have been teasing him about how ugly he looks, now that he doesn’t use fair and lovely. (I use humor to cut the tension between the two of us! And my lame jokes usually make Nitin laugh).  It has just been two days and it is not really my fault. It is just so funny to see him get mad over a face cream.

I hope he never reads this post because if he does, I know he is gonna come back home and give me looks, looks that say ” Hmm! I am ugly? ” And I will be under the pressure to crack more lame jokes for him to laugh at!

Why do women have to do all the hard work in Relationships! Ugghhh!! 

Till next time!





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