Everything you need to do after you publish a Blogpost

Everything you need to do after you publish a Blogpost

A lot of people think that blogging is just about typing some paragraphs and publishing it on the web. And it couldn’t be farther from the reality. We mean, you could do that if you are blogging just as a hobby.

But anyone who runs a blog as a business, knows how much work goes into it. There are so many things to do before you publish any blogpost. But even if you have put in all those efforts before publishing a post, your work doesn’t end there. After all you need traffic to that blogpost. Now what needs to be done after publishing 9or even before) is different for everyone. Here are everything we do after publishing a post:

Share it on Social media:

This is the very first thing that we do once a post is up. Of course there are so many ways to automate the posting to social media, but we prefer doing it ourselves, at least on days when we have the time. It means sharing the post on our facebook page, Instagram, twitter, etc. Pinterest is not included here, but we have a whole other Pinterest Marketing Strategy with it being one of the biggest sources of our traffic.


When it comes to facebook, we simply share the post on our facebook business page, and also on our personal accounts.

Then it is always a good idea to share your blogposts in facebook groups for bloggers. If you are not a part of any such groups, we highly recommend you to check them out. Facebook groups are a great way to meet likeminded people.

Another great way to get more traffic is hangout in the facebook groups for bloggers. And if someone asks a question and you have a blogpost that answers it, post a link to that. But do not just post a link and run away. Try being friendly and making personal connections.


Whenever you have a new post, make sure to send a tweet. Use relevant hashtags and tag people who you think will be interested, but don’t be spammy. Even if you do not use twitter, make an account, it is important. Even if you get just one person who views your blog, that’s okay.


Instagram is another great platform to tell the audience that you have a new blogpost on the website. Create a new post mentioning the same. What we like doing is writing a good caption instead of “new post up”. A great way to do is talk about the situation at hand. Ask your audience if it is something that they have been struggling with as well. Then tell the audience that you have a solution to solve it and in the end mention that you have linked it in your bio.

We also always make sure to put up a few stories talking about the new blogpost and again mentioning that we have the link in our bio. And if you have more than 10k followers, you can obviously add a Swipe up link in your stories as well.

We use linktree to add links to multiple blogposts on Instagram.


We can not believe that there are still people who are trying to grow their blogs and are still not using Pinterest. We swear by it. It is one of our favourite platforms for driving traffic to our website.

Whenever we post a new blogpost, we always pin it to the most relevant board and then schedule the rest of the pins on Tailwind. We love tailwind. It is amazing and is totally worth getting the paid version. We still can’t believe we took so long before going pro on tailwind.

In case you want to know our exact pinning strategy that helped us double our blog traffic in just a month, check out detailed post on our Pinterest Pinning Strategy.

That’s about everything that we do. When it comes to all these platforms though, the key is to share your blogposts again after a few days. There is no shame in that. We always go on our Instagram stories and tell our audience that we have a blogpost.

Other than this, what is important to keep your Blog content in mind. Whenever you are having conversations and someone is asking you about something that you have a detailed post on, go ahead and tell them that you have a post on that over on the blog. And we also sometimes send in a blog link to our friends on IG.

Check your Analytics:

Yes. This part is so important. In fact most important of all. We usually do it weekly to get an idea which posts are performing well. Understanding and analysing the numbers is crucial because it gives you more information about your readers and their preferences.

It is also a greta idea to see which posts are performing well on which social media. Your audience across the social media platforms is different and thus responds to different kind of posts differently. Therefore it is a good idea to have a good understanding of the audience across platforms. We use google analytics to study detailed analysis of our audience. If you are not sure how to use google analytics and what do those numbers mean, We will do another detailed post on that. Make sure you subscribe to the mailing list.

Also, let us know what your post publishing process looks like and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below 🙂


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