DUBAI : All about SOUQS

DUBAI : All about SOUQS

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. From shopping malls to local markets and souqs, Dubai has a lot to offer. Whether it is high end luxury stores in Mall of Emirates or checking out great deals in Dubai mall which is the world’s largest shopping destination or it is street shopping in various souqs that are bustling with people and culture, there is something for everyone here. In these souqs you’ll find Incense sticks, Faux leather bags, Kaftans and what not! So here is the ultimate guide to explore these SOUQS:

When to Visit: The best time to visit Dubai is October to March when the weather is a bit pleasant. The best time to visit these souqs is evening time after 6 P.M. when the markets are full of energy and shoppers.

How To Get there: Most of these Souqs are located in the Deira district so get a cab from Deira City Centre metro station. It should cost you about 30 AED.

Tips Before you GO: Here are some things you should keep in mind before visiting these Souqs:

  • Practice your Bargaining Skills: Be prepared to haggle when shopping at the Souqs, otherwise you’ll end up paying a lot more.
  • Wear comfortable and Conservative Clothes, nothing too tight.
  • Carry enough cash. Most of these street vendors do not allow you the option to pay via a credit/debit card.
  • Do some window shopping first. Don’t go in the first shop that you see and remember: Haggling is your mantra!
  • Be sure to check out the Gold prices online before you visit the Gold Souq as the prices fluctuate daily.

Here are some of the best Souqs in Dubai: 

  1. Gold SOUQ: It is a must visit Souq when you are in Dubai, the “City of Gold”. You’ll see such extravagant gold jewelry designs, pretty much everything you could imagine from dresses made of gold to intricate designs. The designs are definitely different and unique but again you have to haggle in regards to the “making charges”. So whether you’re ready to shop for gold or not, it is a must to stroll through this dazzling souq that is a favorite among travellers.
    #TIP: The Dubai creek is nearby and you should take an Abra(Boat) ride to cross the creek. It is an excellent way to take in parts of Old Dubai and a must do for photography enthusiasts.
  2. Spice SOUQ: A walk through the spice souq is like a wonderland for your senses. From spices, henna, saffron to exotic herbs you’ll find everything aromatic here. You can find chefs, home cooks picking up their spices from colorful and vibrant trading floor. Be sure to pick up some exotic spices yourself.
  3. Perfume SOUQ: Follow the road from Gold Souq and the spice souq to Perfume Souq on Sikkat Al Khali Street. You’ll find  incense sticks, perfumes and essential oils. You can even have a personal fragrance crafted by the expert perfumers.
  4. Bur Dubai SOUQ: This souq in Bur Dubai may not be as old as the ones in Deira but it is a paradise for people looking to shop for textiles. You’ll find vibrant fabrics and silk, satin etc on such reasonable prices. You can also visit this souq during daytime as it the only covered souq.
  5. SOUQ Madinat: If you don’t want to go through the whole haggling process and also want to experience Souq shopping, head to Souq Madinat. It is a perfect place where you can shop for souvenirs or art pieces from national and international artists.There are a number or restaurants, with views of waterways that go through the souq, where you can dine and have a good time. At night, this place attracts a lot of young crowd for its nightlife.

Have you been to any of these souqs? Fell free to share your experiences at the Souqs.


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