Do we Fight?

Do we Fight?


“You know how to put it down, right? Put the GOD DAMN seat down yourself WOMAN”

Wait before you go ‘ha ha! Same story in every household’

Let me tell you this:

You will never hear this in our house, EVER! Know why?

Because both of us feel that it is not worth arguing over. There are bigger things to argue about. Like are we gonna order pizza or eat healthy! Just kidding!

It is funny because a lot of our friends ask us whether we fight or not!

And we always have the same reply “NEVER”. Now there are only three ways how that’s possible:

  1. We actually agree upon everything and have the perfect chemistry and are so freakin compatible that there is nothing to argue about or maybe we are both just extremely stupid and have no opinions to disagree over.
  2. We do fight a lot but have mutually agreed to not let anyone in on this secret because we are so concerned about our image in the society.
  3. We don’t like each other that much and we don’t waste our energy in arguing about things. Both of us know that this is how married life is and have already given up on each other.

But none of these is true because:

  1. Everyone in our friends and family know that we always have very strong pinions about things, and come on, it is not possible to never have anything to argue over! In fact i have a list of things about how my husband annoys me! Read it here.
  2. On some days you can catch Nitin and I going to the mall in our PJs, so clearly none of us is really concerned about the social image or making an impression on anyone. So we couldn’t possibly “mutually agree to tell people that we don’t fight.”
  3. If you have met us, you probably already know that we are madly in love with each other and there is no way that we have already given up on things.

So DO I mean to say that we do fight? No! Not really!

How is this possible? Here is how:

As people who love each other, it is always extremely important that you set your egos aside when you are talking to each other. Easier said then done, I Know! But the thing is ‘When you do not have a huge EGO to cloud your judgement of what is right and what is wrong, you see things from each other’s perspective as well and you understand why they are saying what they are saying. And this will make all the difference in your relationship’

Oh and understand that something that has irritated you is not worth wasting your precious time for. There is no point in keeping it to yourself and telling only when your other half has nudged you multiple times. I like to think it like this : I’d rather be spending my time cuddling and snuggling with Nitin and pelting him with kisses than you know, Sitting in a corner, MAD over something, And waiting for him to come up to me and ask what’s wrong.”

So talk about what is bothering you, be clear in your conversations and vocal about your emotions as well. And get this discussion over with, no point in wasting the precious time that you could rather be spending with them and making memories!

Okay Relationship Advice for today is over!

(The next time I give out marriage advice, it won’t be for free!)

Go tell your partners that you love them! 😛



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