Dharamkot: Why we love this Hippie Village

Dharamkot: Why we love this Hippie Village

Dharamkot is a small hippie village (it surely has the hippie vibes) near Mcleodganj also known as “little Lhasa” for its population of tibetans. While a large number of tourists flock to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala in the summers, Dharamkot has managed to maintain the charm of that of a small village mainly because it has not been commercialized yet and most families that come for vacation to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj are too busy exploring the “touristy Spots”.

Dharamkot is also the starting base for various treks that are famous among the Backpackers like Triund trek, Indrahar pass etc. This is also famous as the yoga village among backpackers and attracts people looking for a relaxed life away from the hustle bustle of the cities.

18254191_1550923028252146_51923051_nGetting there: 

The best way to reach there by public transport is to take an AC Volvo bus from Delhi to Mcleodganj, they cost about Rs 1200-1600 per person and are really comfortable. We took Himsuta and it took us about 11 hours from Delhi and it was very comfortable. You could also drive to Dhamarkot but then you’d have to stay at the big hotels that have parking space and there aren’t many.

Where to Stay: 

When you get to Dharamkot, the best way to find an accommodation is to ask around as the villagers rent out rooms in their houses for as low as 400 rupees for a night. It is the perfect way to soak in the hippie small village feeling. If you want to stay in a “proper hotel” then there are a number of options in the upper Dharamkot. You could also stay somewhere between Bhagsu and Dharamkot as there are a number of decent hotels there.

Eating in Dharamkot: 

There are a number of cafes here that serve amazing food and backpackers from all over the world can be seen hanging out in these cafes. The food is amazing except for Indian food; so if you are really craving Indian food, you could go to Bhagsu. Almost all these cafes have perfected wooden oven pizzas, lasagne, pancakes and herbal teas. You could hangout in these cafes,eat, read a book, play a few games, listen to music and just enjoy the breathtaking view of the Himalayas.

The best way to do Dharamkot: 

The best way to soak in the vibes in Dhamakot is to come for at least a week and  just roam around the village exploring new treks, mystic waterfalls and little temples. You can find your peaceful spots and just relax and let it all soak in. You could try meditating or Pranayam and if you are a beginner at yoga, you could even take a few classes here.


Chilling at a cafe in Dharamkot

We will leave the rest for you to explore. We are sure that once you visit this place, you will eventually go again, for more!




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