Cold war & Waiting Games

Cold war & Waiting Games

You know how some people always feel the need to be right in every single situation in their lives? Well, for most part, I thought I was one of those people. But as it turns out, I also married one of those people. And the worst part about that is for you to be right, the other person often has to be wrong, whenever you are discussing something. And lately, I have realised that Nitin is even more obsessed with being right than I am.

I know I always keep saying such things about me, and I always used to think that I need to get better. But seeing his NEED to be right in every single situation is making me feel really great about myself. Maybe it is not the best thing to learn from this, but hey! A little self love never hurt anybody, right?
And I love myself right now!

Before blabbering out more random things that make no sense for you, let me provide you a little context, so that you all can be on my team and just tell Nitin how he needs to change this behaviour. LOL!

So, I wrote this blogpost a while back.

A blogpost where I said that recently we have been watching a lot of Netflix and most of our free time is spent in front of our big Tv screen, which makes watching Netflix even more fun. To be honest, We love it so much that we have stopped going to the movies altogether. Because HEY! If I can watch the movie in High Definition from the comfort of my bed, with popcorn that cost 1/20th the price of the over expensive “Fancy” Popcorn that you get at the movies and all while rocking my favourite comfy T-shirt which has a few holes and is thus inappropriate to wear when you go out for movies, THEN I am never going out to watch a movie again EVER! Well, unless it’s a MARVEL movie which is kind of a big deal in “The Tonks” Household. But I digress. The point is that we have been watching a lot of Netflix, just because the shows are just so good.

But when I pressed publish on that blogpost, I knew Nitin will have some kind of a funny reaction to it. My guess was that he will defend himself in one way or another. Because I may or may not have implied that he is the one who is responsible for this childlike routine. You know, where you watch one episode and then another, without giving a shit about the fact that you need to wake up early.

And this is how he responded.

You see, I was not kidding when I said Nitin makes me look good. He cancelled the subscription the day the blogpost went live. I knew he did so in order to prove that we watch too much Netflix & I am the one who is responsible for that. And later defended himself that he is not doing this to prove a point, but because he agrees with me. He agrees that we spend too much time watching Netflix and that we should focus on important things.

But I am a wife you know.

And our kind knows when their husbands are up to something. And poking your husband is usually the best way to get things out of him. (Wow I didn’t quite like how that sounded, but oh well!). So, on further investigation (LOL) he let out a laugh. And in that moment we both knew what he was implying. And I guess he read it on my face that I have understood. So, he said “I am not the one who is addicted, You are.”

And of course, because I am one of those people who have to be right in every situation, my impulsive response was “No I am not”. He laughed.
And from then on, we both knew that the war had begun.

And so the Game Began.

Now it was just a matter of having more patience than the other person. We knew that eventually one of us will give in and start the subscription again because who were we kidding, we are both addicted. But both of us wanted it to be the other person.

So from then on, our time was spent searching for any good shows to watch on Prime video and Hotstar. We’d search for about half an hour and then watch something random. We even started sleeping a bit earlier than usual. Everything was going great until the day I said” I have heard that Locke and Keys” is really REALLY good, too bad it’s just on Netflix.

And before you know it, Nitin was renewing the subscription.

He entered all the details in his phone and we were both eagerly waiting for the OTP, so that we can just go ahead and fall back into out old routine. But for some reason the OTP message was not coming through. We both felt like it was taking days to get this subscription renewed, even though it all happened in a matter of a few minutes. So I took his phone and went outside to the balcony for better network and oh the sweet sweet OTP message got delivered. I hurriedly entered the OTP for the payment to go through and came back to the Tv room with a big smile across my stupid face only to match a big smile on Nitin’s stupid face.

And we both cuddled while watching Netflix. Both were at peace now, because the cold war was over and we had Netflix back in our lives!

Ah! the simple things in life, right?



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