Chapter-2: Our Story

Chapter-2: Our Story

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We kept on chating over the messenger and the time started to fly. The hours felt like minutes and days felt not enough. As the chating over messenger became a tedious thing to keep up she asked for my contact number. Strangely we hadn’t shared that yet and she got the credit (deservingly) for asking my number first and not vice versa.

After I shared mine, I asked for hers and she replied ” You didn’t ask first so now wait till you get a message 😛 ” !!
Then I realised Ok! This moment will stay alive and I will be poked about it for rest of my life.
So after being the first one to add and ping over facebook, she went over to be the first who asked for number and pinged via whatsapp. I certainly was lagging behind on the scorecard. But you aren’t supposed to keep track of such things and use later. Right!? Wrong! 😀

We were connected all the time sharing things, telling each other everything and anything. About the annoying friends around. About the dreams. About past present and future. About her cousin’s wedding and how much tired she is and unable to sleep. I told her I would have hugged her and put to sleep if I were there. She smiled and went off to sleep. We grew closer and closer each passing day.

I would be in office in Pune and she would be studying in Delhi. Then I would be partying outside and she would still be studying. Well she is really a hard worker and determined person. I always wonder how she managed to study so much. I never was able to focus more than 30 mins on studies without getting distracted by outside world or my imagination would take me afar.
Then came my birthday and I drove from pune to Goa for the weekend with my friends-cum-brothers. It struck midnight and those idiots were busy with beer and I was looking at the clock and waiting for someone to wish. Hell its my birthday and no one is uttering a thing.

Then my phone rang and it was her singing Happy Birthday.

Dear oh dear, I was so happy and couldn’t contain myself. It was so that she said hey you got a strange voice. That was the first time we were hearing each other.

I may have sounded weird to her but her voice was perfect!



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